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The scope of the Isatis mandate involves two activities, namely: (1) the organization, implementation, clearing with securities regulator and the floating on a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) of a Public Limited Company (PLC) organized under the Companies Act, 2006 of the United Kingdom and (2) canvassing and introducing through a licensed broker/dealer to European sophisticated and institutional investors the proposed venture to be amalgamated in the cash shell with the aim to carry out a private placement concurrently with the floating of the ordinary shares of the PLC on a MTF regulated under the Markets and Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).
Syed et al., "Isatis tinctoria mediated synthesis of amphotericin B-bound silver nanoparticles with enhanced photoinduced antileishmanial activity: a novel green approach," Journal of Photochemical and Photobiology B, vol.
A total of 27 compounds, namely GB-1, GB-2, ..., GB-27 were isolated from water-soluble components of aerial parts of Isatis tinctoria, and their structures were inferred as follows.
Lariciresino-4-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside from the root of Isatis indigotica inhibits influenza A virus-induced pro-inflammatory response.
Hamburger, "Extraction and analysis of intact glucosinolates--a validated pressurized liquid extraction/liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry protocol for Isatis tinctoria, and qualitative analysis of other cruciferous plants," Journal of Chromatography A, vol.
Indirubin is derived from several plants, including Indigofera tinctoria L., Isatis tinctoria L., Cnidii fructus, Isatis indigotica, Strobilanthes cusia, and Polygonum tinctorium [18].
Koh, "Determination of indican, isatin, indirubin and indigotin in Isatis indigotica by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry," Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, vol.
Lv et al., "High-throughput sequencing and de novo assembly of the Isatis indigotica transcriptome," PLoS One, vol.
Radix isatidis, also known as Banlangen in Chinese, is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine derived from the root of Isatis indigotica Fort.
Koh, "Chemical fingerprinting of Isatis indigotica root by RP-HPLC and hierarchical clustering analysis," Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, vol.
El azul, por su parte, fue un color proscrito en la Roma imperial, no solo por ser dificil de conseguir, sino por los ojos azules de algunos de los pueblos que ellos denominaban barbaros, asi como por las pinturas de este color con las que algunos guerreros se pintaban las caras, elaboradas a partir de una planta conocida como glasto (Isatis tinctoria).
AF or AL.] 'the dyestuff made from the plant Isatis tinctoria, woad; also in designations for woad of specific geographical origin' 1359 MED); Waisdier 1185, Wesdier, Waisder, Weisdier, Waisdier 1191-8 (OF wesdier, quesdier, waisdier 'dyer or seller of woad' Reaney; 'a derivative of OE wad 'woad', 'woad-merchant' (1415 NED).
Radix Isatidis (Indigowoad root, Isatis root, or Banlangen in Chinese) is a very famous traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) extracted from the roots of Isatis indigotica Fort.
Response of antioxidant defense system to laser radiation apical meristem of Isatis indigotica seedlings exposed to UV-B.