Irving Langmuir

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United States chemist who studied surface chemistry and developed the gas-filled tungsten lamp and worked on high temperature electrical discharges (1881-1957)


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of California, Berkeley) uses the lives of the first wave of physical chemists in Europe and America, particularly Gilbert Lewis and Irving Langmuir, to trace the development of the field.
Irving Langmuir, another scientist in Schenectady and a Nobel Prize-winner, made two other major discoveries.
Irving Langmuir was a physical chemist whose studies of molecular films on solid and liquid surfaces opened new fields in colloid research and biochemistry.
In a speech he gave in 1953, Nobel laureate chemist Irving Langmuir coined the term pathological science, and the name has remained in circulation ever since.
Laboratory managers will be particularly intrigued by Chapter 3, which recounts how Nobelist Irving Langmuir, while at the GE Research Labs in the 1920s, investigated and subsequently exposed several of what he came to call "pathological science" (see Research * Technology Management, Sept.