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the quality of being reversible in either direction

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However, researchers apply the results of rock samples testing to construct a constitutive model, whereas irreversible processes encompass much more volume of a rock mass that disintegrates into myriads of such samples or fragments, which cooperate during irreversible movement.
Pottier (ohysics, Universte Paris Diderot) draws upon her years of graduate teaching for this study of linear irreversible processes within non equilibrium statistical physics.
The report assesses that despite strong resistance, reforms in the State administration, health care, education, defense, diplomatic representation, judicial system and public finance have turned already into irreversible processes leading to increased efficiency in the above sectors and laying the foundations of their better future.
Reciprocal relations in irreversible processes. II.
The first was the observation that all irreversible processes have associated with them an ideal process that is the limiting case when the irreversibility is progressively reduced to zero.
However, both phase-transition and crack propagation are irreversible processes accompanied by entropy production at their moving front.
This second set of methods is intended for an invariant representation of open irreversible processes, such as chemical reactions, and is part of the so-called genotopic branch of hadronic mechanics and chemistry.
There are many obvious ways to destroy information, one of which is thermodynamically irreversible processes. The article says, "Conservation of information, it turns out, is tantamount to saying you can always run a film backward." But you can't.
When a system is closed, irreversible processes take place and entropy increases and becomes positive.
In contrast to those who have argued that urbanization and proletarianization are inevitable, irreversible processes that promote and accompany "modernization," Ferguson demonstrates that such terms do little to convey the complex realities of urban worker's lives, constraints, and choices.
We are told constantly that we are the playthings of the market, of megacorporations that dwarf nations in power, and irreversible processes of environmental destruction.
The damage growth during loading cycles and healing during rest periods are modeled using work potential theory (a continuum damage theory based on the thermodynamics of irreversible processes).
Even in the earliest decades after the arrival of the Spanish, the Caribbean flora underwent irreversible processes. Already "Bartolome de las Casas told of large herds of cattle and other European animals in the West Indies eating native plants down to the roots in the first half of the sixteenth century, followed by the spread of ferns, thistles, plantain, nettles, nightshade, sedge, and so forth, which he identified as Castilian" (Crosby 151).
The whole model of classical mechanics deals with reversible processes, whereas the entropy barrier gives a directionality to time by discovering irreversible processes. Similarly, biological evolution shows irreversible processes.
In a second essay he once more denies the need for irreversible processes and suggests that the direction of causation can be grounded on the temporal direction of "the transfer of positive energy" (p.