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the quality of not being devout

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Outside of Europe, other modern "Western" countries show similar trends, with Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay (three of South America's four most-developed countries) reporting rates of irreligiosity or outright atheism of 25, 11, and 17 percent, respectively.
open irreligiosity and militant secularism of the kibbutz" (Goren 92); one even observed "a contamination of our life by the supineness, the mass-life, the morbid and dangerous submersion of personality" (Ludwig Lewisohn, qtd.
In part 1, Phil Zuckerman's "The Irreligiosity of W.
Thus Jefferson's apparent irreligiosity and desire to see Americans liberated from belief is "a misunderstanding.
Her prospective marriage to Erskine fails not because of the Wilsons' meddling, but because Jane herself breaks off the engagement upon apprehending Erskine's fundamental irreligiosity.
This identification of Arabs with extreme rationalism bordering on irreligiosity is, according to an interpretation proposed by Richard Lemay in 1963, behind Dante's treatment of Arab learning in the Commedia.
14) This type of Muslim fears the West, sees Western culture as corrupt, and believes "Western secularism, irreligiosity, and hence immorality" are "worse evils than the Western Christianity that produced them.
What is striking about this movie is not its iconoclasm or its irreligiosity, but its almost slavish adherence to the myth of Christ's origins.
the pages, a balloon of irreligiosity exploded at the back of my head,
What emerges from his analysis is that the key factors were anticlericalism and irreligiosity, the vulnerability of small producers to the market-place, bitterness about the sacrifices of World War I, and the commitment of skilled activists adept in using the spaces of male sociability.
Paradoxically, although we can surmise that Hobbes would be outraged by the fanatical excesses of the French Revolution, the utter irreligiosity of his philosophy as shown in Behemoth would be, from a Maistrean point of view, a good example of the poisonous doctrines that brought about the Revolution.
Just as his reluctance to counter Bill's criticism of Bryan's conservatism reveals their different beliefs, so Jake's silence in the face of his friends' disparaging comments about the monastery at Roncesvalles subtly contrasts his religiosity with Bill and Harris's irreligiosity (Stoneback, "Roncevaux" 147).
The professor/scientist and graduate-schooled coefficients in Table III, thus, show how much irreligiosity remains attributable to being a professor/scientist or graduate-schooled respondent, and to see how the magnitude of these effects compare to those of other predictors.
Moreover, she disliked what she took to be North American feminism's uniform irreligiosity.
A crucial argument he makes in this regard is that among the masses, impiety and irreligiosity have accompanied the spread of the heretical doctrines.