Iron Chancellor

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German statesman under whose leadership Germany was united (1815-1898)

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FROM Iron Chancellor to Plastic Prime Minister in a few months.
In the official publications of the court, the Iron Chancellor was celebrated as a model servant of the Hohenzollern dynasty who had completed Prussia's mission for national unity in a genuinely German way: from 'above'.
IRON Chancellor Gordon Brown is to play soft-hearted cupid to young lovers who want to shack up together.
HE was the Iron Chancellor but Gordon Brown showed his softer side as he cradled baby son James Fraser.
All the while the former Iron Chancellor and now Prime Minister Gordon Brown loomed ominously behind a nervous Mr Darling as he tried to convince the country that he was the right man for the job and could steer us safely through expected difficult times.
His reputation as the Iron Chancellor, a safe pair of hands who the country could trust to keep finances in order is very quickly being eroded.
IT was with some relief that I read that our Iron Chancellor Gordon Brown withstood the pain of the dentist drill without resorting to any anaesthetics.
The iron Chancellor was a right softie - inordinately proud of his wife Sarah and their tiny daughter Jennifer Jane.
IRON Chancellor Gordon Brown has won the battle to charge VAT on tickets to the Millennium Dome.
Alan King will have a good line on that form through IRON CHANCELLOR (2.
Chancellor's iron display Iron Chancellor could go for the National Hunt Chase at the festival after getting off the mark over fences in the 3m beginners' chase.
He made two grave errors when he was still the Iron Chancellor.
He said: "If you give Gordon Brown the chance, he will use the experience he had as the iron Chancellor .
Mr Brow stood in his way once more but now the old Iron Chancellor (sensing Freud's ideas were being snapped up by the Tories) ha decided he supported them.