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(archeology) the period following the Bronze Age

(classical mythology) the last and worst age of the world

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The Iron Age was a period of great historical and political importance and strong kingdoms that saw many technological advancements, Saad said,.
Described as one of the most important hoards of Iron Age Britain, the father-of-one is still waiting to find out what reward he will get for handing over the treasure.
Wells is the author of "Beyond Celts, Germans and Scythians: Archaeology and Identity in Iron Age Europe.
Some cavalier uses of vocabulary are also apparent: whatever Atlantic Scotland was in the Iron Age it was not the Ultima Thule of Chapter 5's title (cf.
Ruiz Zapatero quien, bajo el titulo de Settlement and landscape in Iron Age Europe: archaeological mainstreams and minorities, sento las bases para el ulterior desarrollo del congreso.
They also learned a string of Iron Age chores which made up daily life - flour grinding, building wattle and daub fence panels, nettle rope-making and coil pot-making.
Earlier fragments of Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery and flint tools on the same site date from as far back as 3000 BC and suggest the site held special significance almost 2,500 years before the Iron Age began.
Having been inhabited since the fifth millennium BC, Georgia has been linked with civilizations of Asia Minor, the Aegean and with Greece, Egypt, the Roman and Parthian-Sassanian Empires in the Early Iron Age and the Classical period.
Somehow I think Iron Age villagers might just have had more important things to argue about than this childish bickering bunch.
TWO new reality shows last week, the best of which was Surviving The Iron Age (BBC1, Thursday).
This inversion can be traced to a transvaluation in the social significance assigned women's sphere of activity and began with the technological revolution in agriculture ushered in by the iron age that transformed agricultural production from a female to a male activity Moreover, production in general replaced reproduction as the most significant human activity.
The future has lost its raison d'etre; the present is ill and hobbles like a wounded beast, and the past, the past that Guzman describes in his archaeological model of Tollund Man and Elling Woman (individuals from the Roman iron age, preserved in a perfect state in the peat bogs of northern Europe until their discovery in 1960), is covered, like a ragpicker, with strips and more strips of Letraset.
6 million senior credit facility to Iron Age Corporation (Iron Age), North America's leading provider of footwear programs to employers for the safety and protection of their employees.
This article addresses key questions emerging from this debate, including: What happened to strong Late Iron Age communities of the Upper Mun entering into the fourth to ninth centuries CE?
But despite an amazing haul of bronze artefacts which prove the marauding Celts also liked their bling, Neil - who's more Age of Aquarius than Iron Age - is far more interested in the ancient faecal remains left in a Celtic salt mine in Austria.