Iron Age

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(archeology) the period following the Bronze Age

(classical mythology) the last and worst age of the world

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At the same time, they argue that the Early and Late Iron Age urbanisations should not be regarded as separate phenomena but rather as two manifestations of a single long-term process.
Munich 2007) on Wadi Suq and its Early Iron Age tombs, settlements, and their finds are important in this discussion because they contain new stratified data and critical comments about the chronology.
Iron Age Hillforts in Northumber-|land National Park loan box includes real and replica artefacts.
Objects uncovered include Iron Age quern stones for processing grain and a spindle whorl for weaving.
Mirrors from southern England, like this specimen are highly significant for our understanding of the later Iron Age, and offer important insights into the social changes which occurred in the century before the Roman conquest in AD 43.
By the Iron Age the woodland clearance became more extensive and cereals were grown there.
of Manchester, UK) has written an unusual combination of careful archeological documentation of Iron Age Yorkshire and imaginative fantasy.
The ancient metal artefacts were found at an Iron Age hill fort at Burrough on the Hill, near Melton, by University of Leicester archaeologists.
The only way of dating these Roman and pre-Roman Iron Age settlements was to excavate what little there was.
It discloses a chronology of events in extent of 2000 years since the third BC until the Iron Age at the end of 1001 BC.
DETAILS have been released about a landmark exhibition that will return Iron Age treasures to Anglesey for the first time in 70 years.
A HISTORIC site's true purpose may have been revealed - as an Iron Age boozer.
FREE guided tours of the excavation of an Iron Age hill fort in the North York Moors National Park are on offer on Sunday, May 29, and Monday, May 30.
Summary: AMMAN: Archaeologists in Jordan have unearthed a 3,000-year-old Iron Age temple with a trove of figurines of ancient deities and circular clay vessels used for religious rituals, officials said this week.