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Synonyms for Irish


Synonyms for Irish

people of Ireland or of Irish extraction


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whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley

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While numerous New Woman critics, including Ann Heilman, Lyn Pykett, and Ann Ardis, have noted Egerton's breaking of the realist frame, Kate McCullough has argued in her analysis of the short fiction that Egerton's radical re-shaping of narrative convention arises to some degree from her insistence on Irishness as culturally "other" to colonial metropolitan identity.
Have talents, proof of Northern Irishness casually included in opening interview remarks?
Just as hegemonic expressions of Irish cultural memory have excluded the racial 'other' so Irish travellers have also been omitted or demonised in traditional representations of Irishness.
By providing historical context and recording audience reaction, the film is able accurately to portray Clancy as an artist, a family man, and as a manifestation of perceived Irishness in America.
I fully support the Irish and Proud Campaign and encourage everyone to TICK THE BOX and be proud of your Irishness (or whatever your heritage).
As Gerry Smyth notes in the jacket blurb, "a proper scholarly analysis" of Irishness in music has been sorely needed as a reference point for the theoretical speculation going on in all disciplines examining modern Ireland.
HAVING found Kevin Doyle to be such a charming and down-toearth bloke to interview it seems a bit unfair to have a joke at the expense of Wolves' record signing's Irishness.
Pat's Dancers links together notions of heritage promotion and preservation, and the commodification of culture through the lens of Irishness that is prevalent in Newfoundland culture.
Ten floats, celebrating different aspects of Irishness, made their way from the Huddersfield Irish Centre in Fitzwilliam Street, calling at John William Street, Market Street, the ring road and Westgate.
They included Liverpool Irish Festival director Anna Gilbert who says in the programme that the city's Irishness will be a key factor which will be showcased before the world in Capital of Culture year.
The author shows how Irishness is a racial as well as a gendered national concept, and traces the ways in which race has been legally mobilized to stigmatize and regulate certain kinds of abortion decisions in the Republic of Ireland.
A second problem with defining Irishness in terms of a range of particular emblems or motifs is that it can be dangerously vague.
PROUD Padraig Harrington has vowed to play his way into the Ryder Cup team as his Irishness won't guarantee him a wildcard.
Walter argues that it is precisely these kinds of representations, and the culture and economy they underscored, that caused women to leave Ireland, and in their leaving reshaped the gendered dynamics of Irishness.