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a man who is a native or inhabitant of Ireland

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While the events of 1916 changed the course of Irish history, it also ensured the 50,000 Irishmen who died in WW1 were forgotten and those who returned ostracised.
Finally, there is nothing said directly about the clubs or societies that Irishmen frequented, such as the Benevolent Society of St.
Republicanism in South Munster had also taken on a class-based character, but in this case it was the result of the active efforts of United Irishmen to politicize the peasantry by using pre-existing grievances, especially tithes.
That said, Northern Irishmen may feel compelled to vote for both Clarke and McIlroy, and the competition to this dynamic duo is weak, with Jessica Ennis and Andy Murray next in the betting.
The garden commemorates the 49,400 Irishmen who died in the First World War.
It annoys me when I read or hear Englishmen and Irishmen denigrate the Welsh people.
TWO Irishmen were sitting in the pub sipping their Guinness, watching the brothel across the street.
Their sense of humour is legendary and I make no excuse in presenting this selection of Irish jokes - told by Irishmen - to make you smile on St Patrick's Day.
As well as boosting their bedroom tackle, more and more Irishmen are having nose jobs, ear pin-backs and tummy tucks.
THREE Irishmen linked to the IRA were jailed for up to 17 1/ 2 years in Colombia yesterday for training Communist rebels in terrorist tactics.
That would mean acquiring shares owned by Irishmen John Magnier and JP McManus, who have a 28.
A phone company needed to hire one team of telephone pole installers, and the boss had to choose between a team of two rednecks and a team of two Irishmen.
THE Colombian government is willing to allow three Irishmen to return home while a judge considers an appeal against their acquitals on charges they trained rebels in bomb making.
In this excellent biography the author traces Emmet's career from his early involvement with the United Irishmen whilst at T.
An Old Bailey jury trying three Irishmen accused of plotting a Real IRA terrorist bombing campaign in mainland Britain were warned yesterday not to embark on their own detective work in the case.