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a Pacific island to the north of Australia

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"When you have a young horse like Irian, who was five, it's easy to map out a campaign that centres on a big handicap like the Sweeps, as it was then called.
In an earlier report as part of this serial study on the Lecithoceridae (Lepidoptera, Gelechioidea) of New Guinea (Irian Jaya of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea), a new genus, Onnuria Park, gen.
The court, however, confirmed the establishment of West Irian Jaya Province as it has been factually effective, including by the establishment of its local government, local legislative council through the 2004 legislative election and administrative apparatus.
Indonesian resentment of the Tunku's ambitions to play an active role in managing regional order, however, would reach its apogee over his attempt to mediate the West Irian issue.
Tell students that East Timor split off and became independent last year, and that there are separatist movements in northwest Sumatra and Irian Jaya.
Like the rest of the archipelago, Irian Jaya was originally part of the Dutch East Indies.
A brief survey of the conflicts in Aceh, West Irian, Maluku, and Kalimantan will highlight the linkage between them and Indonesia's broader crisis and the prospects (or not) of their resolution.
There are five stories in Tales From Earthsea, but the central one is "Dragonfly." Dragonfly is a big, ungainly country girl, whose real name is Irian. Like Tenar and Tehanu, she has some kind of power nobody can exactly name.
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, its mining affiliate, PT Freeport Indonesia, together with indigenous community leaders from Irian Jaya have signed a "Letter and Mutual Acknowledgement" that provides for a trust for the benefit of original tribal inhabitants of the Freeport's Grasberg mine project area.
Most serious for the future of its borders are Aceh and Irian Jaya (also known as West Papua).
It also encouraged the Government to make further efforts to address and resolve peacefully Indonesia's internal conflicts, such as those in Aceh, Irian Jaya, the Moluccas and Central Kalimantan.
The government has been unable to prevent violence between Muslims and Christians or to stem separatist movements in Aceh and Irian Jaya.
An Indonesian navy plane carrying a local military commander, police chief and parliament chief went missing Monday and is feared to have crashed in Central Irian Jaya Province, a local military official said.
Between 1987 and 2000, we deployed to Fiji, Namibia, the Gulf, Somalia, Rwanda, the Western Sahara, Papua New Guinea including Bougainville, Cambodia, Indonesia (drought relief in Irian Jaya), and East Timor.
Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold recently started up a new overburden handling system from Krupp Fordertechnik at its Grasberg open pit in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.