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Emmad Irfani has walked the runway and graced the covers of fashion magazines many times over the 15 years since he began modelling.
In "Painting the Persian book of Kings today", writer Suroosh Irfani describes the "Inversion of Rostam's meaning--from an upholder to destroyer of human life and values--a motif of miniature artist Khadim Ali in his Rostam series ever since he witnessed the Taliban's embrace of Rostam.
Abedi also compiled two books, Choon Marg Ayed (diseases suffered by Allama Iqbal) and Iqbal kay Irfani Zaweye (a book on the life and poetry of Allama Iqbal).
The cast includes Emmad Irfani, Huma Nawab, Abid Ali, Ali Safina, Shazia Naz, Zain and others.
The camp was organized under the auspicious of Madina ul Aulia Multan.It was inaugurated by Syed Mohammad Habib Irfani Chishti the Patron of Al-Akhyar Foundation.
Kalim Irfani, a 75-year old retired pediatrician, and his wife, Rehana Irfani, of Westchester, to invest with him by claiming that his purported hedge fund RKS Capital, LP was a far safer investment than a mutual fund.
But Qurban Ali Irfani, another MP from Kabul, alleged the foreigners' presence had created problems for the Afghans.
The TVC shot in Thailand, where Mahira Khan and actor Emad Irfani - as a male star - will appear in Ascend G700 Dual SIM smartphone commercial.
Saroosh Irfani, 'Pakistans' Sectarian Violence: Between the Arabist Shift and Indo-Persian Culture, Religious Radicalism and Security in South Asia (Honolulu, Hawaii: Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, 2004), p.153.
Suleri's mother would make sure that water, milk and every liquid was 'boiled ten times over' for Irfani, her brother.
Director of the NCA Research and Publication Centre Suroosh Irfani, spoke about the journal's significance.
Halbuki Fransiz cemiyeti, bizimkine as la benzemeyen, asli ve mensei, ruh hali, adetleri ve gelenekleri, irfani ve medeniyet seviyesi ile bizden pek farkli olan, ihtiyaclari ise cok ve cesitli bulunan bir toplumdur.
In Suroosh Irfani and Fazal-ur-Rahman (eds) "Afghanistan" Looking to the Future.
According to a police spokesman, Superintendent Police (SP) Saddar, Rai Mazhar Iqbal, SP Potohar Syed Ali and SP Rawal Akram Khan Niazi briefed the City Police Officer (CPO), Rawalpindi, DIG, Muhammad Faisal Rana that 11 dangerous criminal gangs were busted during July and police netted 44 gang members including dacoits of Irfani gang and Arshad Langra wanted in several cases including registered under Anti-Terrorism Act.