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Synonyms for Ireland

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Dairy Ireland is currently 100% owned by Glanbia plc and is comprised of two business units, Glanbia Consumer Foods Ireland and Glanbia Agribusiness.
In Northern Ireland they were given the opportunity to experience the rich history of the city of Belfast, visiting Europe's number one visitor attraction, Titanic Belfast and even stayed in Holywood, the home of one of the world's best golfers, Rory McIlroy.
Monica MacLaverty, Tourism Ireland s Manager for Southern Europe, said: As a reward for completing their e-training on selling Ireland, this group of travel agents got to visit the west of Ireland, to enjoy our spectacular scenery and some of our most popular visitor attractions.
O2 Ireland is the first operator in Ireland to remove the charges and has also abolished roaming charges across Ireland and Great Britain for its business users.
6) Of course, many English workhouses were also unhealthy and decrepit, but the standards seem to have been much lower in Ireland.
Ireland has an excellent technology infrastructure that has induced a large number of multinationals, including Microsoft and Google, to set up their European headquarters there.
As a result of the religious roots of schooling in Northern Ireland, religious education has always featured on school curricula.
Although Yurick is American born, she and her husband, Robert Connor (who also directs the company), have made Ireland their home since 1979.
When the dust settled, it was clear Ireland wasn't an accomplice to the crime, but actually defused a situation that could have gotten even more squirrelly.
The group also learned that differences exist in the incidence of foodborne illnesses between Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England and Wales/Scotland), particularly with Campylobacter and Salmonella infections, and explored possible reasons for such differences, including climate, lack of consumption of unpasteurized milk, and the social custom of having foods "well done.
About thirty years ago, when I set to discerning the threads of Tudor policy for Ireland during the middle decades of the sixteenth century, I encounter shadowy references to Gerald Fitzgerald, eleventh earl of Kildare.
From the mid-1840s, when Ireland suffered the last great famine in Western European history (scholars estimate that I million Irish perished and another 1.
In the heart of the Falls Road district of West Belfast, Northern Ireland, stands the Redemptorist Monastery of Clonard.
One morning last July, 19-year-old Ciaran Cummings was standing by the road in Antrim, Northern Ireland, waiting for his daily ride to work, when he became a statistic.
Results: Italy 34 Scotland 20, England 50 Ireland 18, Wales 3 France 36, France 9 England 15, Wales 47 Italy 16, Ireland 44 Scotland 22, Scotland 16 France 28, England 46 Wales 12, Ireland 60 Italy 13, Italy 12 England 59, Wales 26 Scotland 18, France 25 Ireland 27, France 42 Italy 31, Ireland 19 Wales 23, Scotland 19 England 13.