Ionic order

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the second Greek order


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The columns in Webster's third edition were unsurprisingly similar to those in the second, though someone put a shim in the definition for Doric, in which the echinus is separated from the shaft "by one or more annulets and supporting a square unmolded abacus." An annulet, it turns out, is "an encircling band, molding, or fillet, as on the shaft of a column." The fourth edition of The American Heritage Dictionary, that bastion of plain speaking, talks simply of "plain, saucer shaped capitals" in the Doric order but refers to "two opposed volutes in the capital" in the Ionic order. The colored illustrations, on the other hand, were most illustrative.
The refreshment room is intended to be very handsomely fitted up with the roof being supported by marble pillars of the Ionic order.'
15.4), when it actually uses the Ionic order and is not in the plan of a temple by any stretch of the imagination.