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the second Greek order


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"Ionic column: a fluted column with a molded base and a capital composed of four volutes, usually parallel to the architrave with a pulvinus connecting a pair on each side of the column, and an entablature typically consisting of an architrave of three fascias, a richly ornamented frieze, and a cornice corbeled out on egg-and-dart and dentil moldings, with the frieze sometimes omitted."
In a Brancusian riff on the relation between sculpture and base, a pedestal resembling a cross between an Ionic column and a fur-covered scratching post for cats supports a crude painted object akin to its cosmic referent and to mid-twentieth-century abstract sculpture.
The standard ionic column type are their most popular.
Ionic columns line the L-shaped pergola, climaxing in a lofty-framed roof at its centre.
Built by John Honeyman, its broad flight of steps leads up to a portico supported by mighty Ionic columns.
The front porch rested on four Ionic columns and two pilasters of dark brown standstone.
Maria, Ilocos Sur, made of pulled sugar, formed into what I like to call the curly top of Grecian Ionic columns.
In San Francisco, the Museum of Ice Cream opened in September in a former Emporio Armani boutique in a building that still retains its ionic columns, pediments and dome from an original Savings Union Bank tenant.
It is about 40 metres or 130' in height, it base is decorated with 60 Ionic columns whose capitals were removed, possibly stolen.
What we are left with is an imposing stone arch detailed with twin Ionic columns on a generous span that frames the entrance to Union Station on the west and the exquisite little pool on the east.
The Beaux-Arts building, constructed in 1909 to resemble a Greek temple, is ornamented with a limestone base and granite ionic columns as well as a frieze, cast from sculptures obtained from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, that replicates the Parthenon.
Or check out ; the online vintage shop has items including an elaborate desk painted with Pompeian frescoes, a pair of marble lions, salvaged Ionic columns and a circa 1880 hand-painted Italian leather screen.
A muted, yet beautiful, harmonising of blue hues, this image of a woman holding a dove, painted on the back of a wooden door, and set in a space with ionic columns and a flowering tree, prompts Beckett to reflect on Mary, the mother of Jesus, at peace in old age, with the certainty of heaven.