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region of western Asia Minor colonized by ancient Greeks

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I will focus on a serious omission: the massacre of the Muslims of Ionia from 1920 to 1922.
The new dealership will be called Young Chevrolet, Buick, GMC of Ionia.
Magnesia lay within Ionia, but because it had been settled by Aeolians from Greece, was not accepted into the Ionian League.
Ionia was named Best Acoustic Album of the Year in the Giant Step Best of 2015.
He began preaching in Ionia that same summer, and moved his family to the mid-Michigan village in early 1870.
Founded as First National Bank of Ionia in 1864, Independent Bank Corp.
In the Matter of IONIA CAPITAL PLC (In Voluntary Liquidation) ("the Company") and in the Matter of THE COMPANIES ACTS 1963 to 2013
This Sunday Zone Marketing will be out at the Tavern on the Square on Ionia Ave SW in Grand Rapids from 12-5 pm to help raise money for Operation Smile, the charity they partner with.
In sections on beginnings, responses, transformations, and receptions, they consider such topics as the invention of the "barbarian" in late sixth-century BC Ionia, visual mediation and Greek identity in Xenophon's Anabasis, ethnography and the gods in Tacitus' Germania, exploring the ethnographic digression in Plutarch's Lives, ethnography and identity on India's northwestern frontier, and the scope of ancient ethnography.
Michigan House Minority Leader Tim Greimel (D), commenting on the escape of a convicted murderer from the Ionia Correctional Facility in February, as reported in the Detroit Free Press.
The chief district judge of Ionia County in Michigan is notorious for holding the owners of disruptive cell phones in contempt of court and fining them $25.
According to the Sentinel-Standard of Ionia and MLive.
Judge Raymond Voet has a posted policy stating that electronic devices causing a disturbance during court sessions will result in the owner being cited with contempt, the Sentinel-Standard of Ionia and MLive.
The new counties are Barry, Calhoun, Gratiot, Ionia, Jackson, Livingston, Montcalm and Shiawassee.
We are excited to continue collecting tomorrow's energy and expand our reach from Mount Pleasant to Leslie, Pinckney to Ionia, and all communities in between," said Steven Reed, chief operating officer of Granger Waste Services, said in a statement.