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French dramatist (born in Romania) who was a leading exponent of the theater of the absurd (1912-1994)

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Ionesco cannot help himself; he renders this Pascalian moment (the abyss, the void) humorously.
Una de las obras de Ionesco de mayor exito es El rinoceronte, que describe la lucha del individuo contra la mayoria y la defensa del alma unica e irreemplazable ante la "masificacion" o el "adoctrinamiento": los hombres en rebano viven igual, piensan igual, comen igual, se visten igual y aspiran a lo mismo.
Le dramaturge Mohamed Cherchell a presente, hier, a Alger, les grandes lignes de son spectacle [beaucoup moins que] El Haicha [beaucoup plus grand que], une adaptation de l'œuvre universelle [beaucoup moins que] Rhinoceros [beaucoup plus grand que] d'Eugene Ionesco.
WHEN did 'absurdist' playwright Eugene Ionesco die?
La obra La leccion, de Eugene Ionesco--dramaturgo representante del teatro del absurdo--, es una apuesta escenica del director Christian Beristain, tambien autor y director de la controvertida pieza Efebos, y quien ahora se arriesga a montar a Ionesco, clasico del teatro contemporaneo, "de manera que el publico tiene la garantia de que asistira a una agradable experiencia teatral", comenta en entrevista el creador escenico.
The absurdist play was written by Romanian/French playwright Eugene Ionesco as a satirical representation of the ignorant upper English class in the 1950s, and was first performed at London's Arts Theatre Club in 1956, directed by Peter Wood.
Guests this year also include Michael Winterbottom, Eva Ionesco and David Hare.
The group, known as Bablake Seekers, are taking two productions to Edinburgh this year - A Resounding Tinkle about an elephant that goes berserk in a garden and The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco.
Although his subjects are quintessentially Welsh in nature and language they also share the same distinct characteristics as those penned by the likes of Ionesco, Pinter and especially by Beckett.
Datblygwyd Theatr yr Abswrd gan ddramodwyr byd-enwog fel Harold Pinter, Eugene Ionesco a Samuel Beckett yn ystod ail hanner yr Ugeinfed Ganrif.
30 pm for The Bald Prima Donna, by Eugene Ionesco, and Lovers: Winners, by Brian Friel.
Playwright Eugene Ionesco originally intended The Lesson as a brutal criticism on Nazi fascism invading his homeland, Romania.
There is a marked preference for the novel over other genres Poetry gets a chapter to itself, but theatre only figures through Theatre of the Absurd in the chapter on experimental writing, and there is no discussion of autobiography except in so far as it features in autobiographical fiction There is little that is overtly revisionist here, either in the account of principal trends of twentieth century French literature or in the choice of authors for discussion The roll call of important writers runs from Proust and Gide through to Perec and Tournier, taking in Apollinaire, Bonnefoy, Ponge, Eluard, Sartre, Camus, Robbe-Grillet, Sarraute, Beckett, Ionesco, Genet, Colette, Beauvoir, Duras, and Cixous along the way.
Sin tener el culpa alguna, minutos despues, cuando ya habia colgado, caia yo bajo el influjo de Ionesco.
His experimentation, though, would open new terrain--a terrain that would later host Raymond Queneau and Eugene Ionesco, among others.