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French dramatist (born in Romania) who was a leading exponent of the theater of the absurd (1912-1994)

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Running in repertoire is a Eugene Ionesco double bill of The Lesson and The Bald Prima Donna, which opens on Monday, directed by Colin Simmonds and Kelly Manteli respectively.
1hh chestnut mare Ionesco Du Moulin, who he is riding for Celia Mason.
This phenomenon could be widely seen among authors of many nations, especially those from Lebanon, Algeria, Ireland, and Morocco, from Katib Yassin to the Irish author Samuel Beckett, Romanian Eugene Ionesco, and Czech Milan Kundera.
FOLLY - David Troughton as Macbett, a retelling of Macbeth by Eugene Ionesco
Perhaps Eugene Ionesco has probed as deeply as any playwright the conflict between being and non-being in a number of its manifestations.
Ionesco, for instance, respects traditionally expository conventions, but only by parodying them: as we are about to start watching a play about the Smiths--at least it seems that way at the beginning--it is not a bad idea to let us know right from the start how many children they have, where the action takes place, and what the characters' names are, but not in the manner that it happens here, where Mrs.
O'Neil (Whitman College) offers a bio-bibliography of 36 major and minor French playwrights of the twentieth century such as Apollinaire, Beckett, Ionesco, Camus, Cocteau, Genet, Sartre, Pagnol, Planchon, Sarraute, Gide, and Duras.
I do not need to go looking for 'happenings,' the absurd, or the surreal," he said, "because I have seen things that neither Dali, Beckett, Ionesco nor any of the others could have thought possible; and to see these things I did not need to do more than look out of my studio window" (6).
Notre choix s'est porte sur deux grands ecrivains : Aleksis Kivi, pere de la litterature finnoise a la fin du XIXe siecle en Finlande--dont on connait surtout en traduction le roman Les sept fr^eres (Seitseman veljesta, 1870), et Eugene Ionesco, chef de file du Theatre de l'Absurde, ecole artistique dominante dans la 2e moitie du XXe siecle en France.
In 1994, absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco died in Paris at age 84.
Le dramaturge Mohamed Cherchell a presente, hier, a Alger, les grandes lignes de son spectacle [beaucoup moins que] El Haicha [beaucoup plus grand que], une adaptation de l'œuvre universelle [beaucoup moins que] Rhinoceros [beaucoup plus grand que] d'Eugene Ionesco.
WHEN did 'absurdist' playwright Eugene Ionesco die?
It's been like a play by Ionesco with footnotes by Kafka," Randall says of the unusual legal struggle.
Horrocks steals many a scene as both TV presenter Katy Grin and as Edina's assistant Bubble, a creature so incredibly loopy she seems to have wandered in front the Ionesco play next door.