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(Greek mythology) queen of Thebes who unknowingly married her own son Oedipus

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(Ex foeminis Pasiphae, Ariadne, Berenice, Hermione, Briseis, Penelobe, Deidamira, Ersilia uxor Rouli, Ero, Virginia, Anaxarete, Antigone, Arachne, Arethusa, Arsinoe, Polyxena, Pelagia, Lycaste, Iocasta, Hecuba, Cassandra, Hesperie, Cleopatra, Coelia, Ilia, Sybillae, Vestales.
(39) The VVhole Woorkes of George Gascoigne Esquire: newlye compyled into one volume, that is to say: his Flowres, hearbes, weedes, the fruites of warre, the comedie called Supposes, the tragedie of Iocasta, the Steele glasse, the complaint of Phylomene, the storie of Ferdinando Ieronimi, and the pleasure at Kenelworth Castle (London, 1587; STC: 11638).
Iocasta: What is an exile's life Is it great misery Polyneices: The greatest; worse in reality than in report.