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Synonyms for involution

reduction in size of an organ or part (as in the return of the uterus to normal size after childbirth)

a long and intricate and complicated grammatical construction

marked by elaborately complex detail

the act of sharing in the activities of a group

the process of raising a quantity to some assigned power

the action of enfolding something


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Definition 1 We say that a bipartite graph G is symmetric if there is an involutive graph automorphism of G that interchanges its two parts.
If N(N(x)) = x, for all x [member of] L, then N is called an involutive negator.
8) Lone appearance of a tricola poetic form at the palistrophe's core recalls Roland Meynet's observation that Hebrew rhetoric is often involutive, cohering concentrically "around a centre which is the focal point, the keystone, through which the rest finds cohesion.
The later pieces were all for B clarinet, including Lied by Luciano Beria, Clair by Franco Donatoni or Involutive by Paul Mefan.
Tomasi's first movement of concerto (Edition Leduc); and a piece for clarinet solo composed by either Donatoni's Clair (Edition Ricordi), Singier's Bouts rimes burines (Edition Lemoine), Rieunier's Distances (Edition Salabert), Mefano's Involutive (Edition Salabert) or Gaussin's Satori (Edition Leduc).
Another way to express this involutive process is to specify, in the basic model: one equation for the excess exodus; one representing the inflationary effect of this exodus; one equation for real wages in the dynamic sector depending on the sectoral increase in labour productivity; the impossibility for this sector (due to international competition) to charge the costs caused by the excess exodus to domestic inflation.
They are increasingly tempted by involutive pullbacks.
lambda] is an involutive algebra under convolution (see Lemma I of [CPI).
1) If a [less than or equal to] b, then N(b) [less than or equal to] N(a), where N: H [right arrow] H is an involutive order reversing operation in (H, [less than or equal to]).
Besides, we prove that the set of all [tau]- measurable functions f : [OMEGA] [right arrow] M forms an involutive complex algebra and is closed under the point wise limit.
be an involutive associative algebra antiautomorphism, and for x [member of] g define [(1 + x).
2] Let (L, [less than or equal to]) be a complete lattice with least element 0 and greatest element 1 and an involutive order reversing operation N : L [right arrow] L.
n] is equipped with an involutive bar antiautomorphism defined by the Z-linear extension of [bar.
Ageing seriously affects reproduction in the male and brings involutive changes in the testes.