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a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

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Kristiina Ehin's voluminous bilingual (the original Estonian and English translation) collection of one hundred poems is permeated with the feeling of a need for closeness with the Other, a fellow being, and an interior dialogue with the invisible companion. The title evokes associations with Scheherazade--the poems can be read as fascinating little tales narrated in the long, dark winters, the time that stories were usually told on country homesteads.
For his part, Tomb differentiates between prediction and what he calls "spiritual treatment" for curses and troublesome jinn or qareen, an invisible companion that appears in the Quran.
The stranger kept tapping his shoulder and talking to an invisible companion. Rev Willis was unsure if the medium was pretending...
The reason is that an invisible companion star orbits each other every 3 days (MNASSA, December 2001).
So when they sometimes claim to have an acguaintance us dullard adults can't see, we tend to term the invisible companion an 'imaginary friend'.
New to the hardcover line: another fine alternative history collection edited by Harry Turtledove, Alternate Generals III (0743498976, $24.00) gather stories about John Paul Jones, Napoleon, and other famous generals now set into alternative scenarios; Andre Norton's Dark Companion (0743498984, $26.00), providing a combined reprint of two previously interrelated novels Dark Piper and Dread Companion, about a girl who faces her charge's seemingly imaginary but all-too-real invisible companion, Travis S.
As part of a binary star system, it also feels the tug of a small, invisible companion.
Iamu technology will be an "invisible companion to visitors" guiding them through the multi-storey Campus Germany pavilion, which has three labs covering energy, smart cities, and biodiversity, Expo 2020 Dubai said in a statement.