Invincible Armada

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the great fleet sent from Spain against England by Philip II in 1588

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In contrast, when the USA's "Big 16" flaunted "Manifest Destiny" in the Asia-Pacific in 1908, that invincible armada had to stop at the breakwater of Manila Bay because the Pearl of the Orient was stricken with cholera.
Il paraEt que c'est l'epoque qui veut ca (suivez notre regard) mais cela pese d'un poids insoupconne dans la place a accorder a cette Invincible Armada qui siphonne les trophees de la planete foot depuis quatre ans.
Finally, a ransom of 107,000 ducats was paid, and Drake sailed away, later to attack Cadiz, Spain, leading to the defeat of Philip II's "invincible Armada" attempting to invade England.
And, as for contemporary Catholic behavior, we remember the convert Cardinal Newman's dictum: "Catholics did not make us Catholics; Oxford did." Urquhart admits the weakness of this book: "to expose rather than reform." Nonetheless, maybe Christ crucified constantly calls, like to Francis, to "rebuild my Church." As for this invincible Armada, Urquhart no doubt would send it to the sea bottom.