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determination of a matrix that when multiplied by the given matrix will yield a unit matrix

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In order to construct a CPA-secure encryption scheme, there is an invertible matrix H can be used like this
For some [lambda] [member of] C, rank[[lambda]I - A, B] < n if and only if there is an invertible matrix T such that the matrices A = [T.
Consider now the inner automorphism of R induced by the invertible matrix P = I + [e.
Then [phi] is an invertible linear operator that preserves commuting pairs of matrices if and only if there exist invertible matrix U [member of] [M.
If a 2x2 invertible matrix a is positive definite and has distinct eigenvalues then the square root of a is given by
0] are said to be triangular if and only if there exists an invertible matrix [P.
8), we shall consider a general invertible matrix A (not necessarily SPD), b [member of] [R.
An irreducible matrix in SF2 with all negative cycles is a qualitatively invertible matrix, or QI matrix [Bassett et al.