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Synonyms for invention

Synonyms for invention

something invented

any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea

Synonyms for invention

a creation (a new device or process) resulting from study and experimentation


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He assured me "that this invention had employed all his thoughts from his youth; that he had emptied the whole vocabulary into his frame, and made the strictest computation of the general proportion there is in books between the numbers of particles, nouns, and verbs, and other parts of speech."
An expedient was therefore offered, "that since words are only names for things, it would be more convenient for all men to carry about them such things as were necessary to express a particular business they are to discourse on." And this invention would certainly have taken place, to the great ease as well as health of the subject, if the women, in conjunction with the vulgar and illiterate, had not threatened to raise a rebellion unless they might be allowed the liberty to speak with their tongues, after the manner of their forefathers; such constant irreconcilable enemies to science are the common people.
Another great advantage proposed by this invention was, that it would serve as a universal language, to be understood in all civilised nations, whose goods and utensils are generally of the same kind, or nearly resembling, so that their uses might easily be comprehended.
is it possible?" replied Tom Hunter, his thoughts reverting involuntarily to a former invention of the Hon.
Here he not only found the keenest interest and sympathy in his air-castles of invention, but also was given permission to use the cellar of the house as his workshop.
What had this dead man's ear to do with the invention of the telephone?
"You are in possession of the germ of a great invention," said Henry, "and I would advise you to work at it until you have made it complete."
It was "the very hardihood of invention," and yet it was not in any sense a chance discovery.
'But the tune ISN'T his own invention,' she said to herself:
My last invention was a great step forward, but this is absolute success.
The invention Lamai had made of tying Jerry with a stick had been noised abroad in the village, and by a stick, in Nalasu's house, Jerry found himself again tied.
Nor did the day come until after Jerry's adoption, when one of the Annos made an invention the like of which had never been known in all Malaita.
He pointed out the importance of cooperation between the government and the private sector to invest in scientific inventions and innovations, adopt them and integrate them into economic and social development plans.
Riyadh, April 14, 2019, SPA -- Six trainees at Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) have won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals in 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.
"My company is specialized in manufacturing inventions and importing medical supplies.