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a member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (northern Canada or Greenland or Alaska or eastern Siberia)

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En aout 1889, un autre Inuk originaire de Churchill, William Ollebuck accepte finalement de l'aider (36).
Mr Inuk, now aged 39, was shown a copy of his passport which he said he had not seen since 2001.
Dr Michael Naughton, founder and director of INUK, said: "The crimes that these people are convicted of are appalling, but in every single case there are questions, conflicts and problems in the evidence that led to their convictions.
A space was cleared for the local hip-hop dancers to show their moves and there was impromptu throat singing by two young Inuk girls.
DAIRY Milk firm Cadbury unveiled an 11% rise inUK sales as consumers turned to chocolate treats in the current turmoil.
Maybe they thought Inuk skin was different from Qallunaat [white] skin, I don't know.
Mona Belleau is a Francophone Inuk woman from Iqaluit, Nunavut.
But you will ride up its elevator with Joe Kiloonik, an Inuk elder from Taloyoak, a town of 900 in Nunavut.
An Inuk governor general might want to square away many Inuit forcedrelocation issues.
Fun Song Factory is broadcast on CiTV and GMTV1, Titch is currently airing on Five and Cubeez, Inuk, Grabbit
The award show was launched with a prayer song from Angaangaq, an Inuk from Greenland whose name means The Man Who Looks Like his Uncle.
Shelter has recently released figures covering the Blair years to date,among which were: 122% increase in house prices since 1997856,000 empty homes inUK n 31% increase in homeless families since 1997 n46% decrease in built social housing since 1997 New Labour's answer is to build more cheap housing in the Thames Corridor, which will help Wales not one jot,and Plaid Cymru still seems obsessed (likeNew Labour) with private finance initiative, which is hardly a runaway success.
That the man was Inuk is central to the story, for only an Inuk of this particular period in history could have found himself caught in his predicament.
Other members are Karina Moeller--Phillip Blanchett's wife, an Inuk artist who hails from Greenland--and Ossie Kairaiuak, a Yup'ik artist from Chefornak.
In his book, Arctic Memories, Fred Breummer said that having spent years travelling and living with the Inuit he felt like the old Inuk hunter in the following poem, recorded by the Danish ethnologist Knud Rasmussen in the 1920s: