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a member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (northern Canada or Greenland or Alaska or eastern Siberia)

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Si miramos de cerca al Inuk iconico y real, la imagen aparece ser a la vez un mito y mitica--un modelo rigido, inexacto y pasado de moda, usualmente promovido por alguien que clama ser una autoridad.
Things come to a head when social services takes Inuk away from home and he winds up on the east coast of Greenland--near the land of his ancestors--where he gets paired up with an embittered hunter, Ikuma (Ole Jorgen Hammeken).
I heartily agree with Stirling that just going on a hunting trip with an Inuk hunter is a rare first-hand experience and far more rewarding than shooting a polar bear and bringing a hide home for a trophy.
We're happy they've allowed us to do this for the villagers, as many of them are elderly people, women and children," said Peter Inuk, one of the tractor owners.
We need to reconsider how we conceive our homeland,' said Olsvig, showing excerpts from Melting Barricades, an art project staged in Copenhagen some years ago by Greenlandic artist Inuk Sills Hoegh and Dane Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, in which the Greenlandic 'army' 'invaded' Denmark, with dog sleds converted into military vehicles.
He's an Inuk from Iqualit, the politically correct way of saying he's an eskimo.
In the opening scene of Igloolik Isuma Productions' documentary Qallunajatut/ Urban Inuk (2005), we are introduced to the story of Jayson Kunnuk, a homeless Inuk living in downtown Montreal, Quebec.
The hair was found on the west coast of Greenland along with other 4,000-year-old waste, leading scientists to speculate that Inuk had gotten a haircut.
Danish-led excavations more than 20 years ago unearthed four fragmentary bones and several hair tufts belonging to this ancient man, dubbed Inuk.
Inuk had the shovel-graded front teeth common in both Asian and Native American populations, and his A blood type is relatively frequent in northeastern Siberia.
A space was cleared for the local hip-hop dancers to show their moves and there was impromptu throat singing by two young Inuk girls.
A collection of writings on Native sex and sexuality would be incomplete, unfortunately, if it did not include "The Dark Side of Sex": sexual abuse in residential schools, with its devastating intergenerational impacts on Aboriginal youth today, as Inuk Tungilik shows in his essay with that title.
2-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine which is to be discontinued inUK models.
She grunts, growls, sings, pants and breathes, but one of the most interesting things about Tanya Tagaq Gillis's ability to take Inuk throat singing into the mainstream is the non-traditional way she went about it.
When an Inuk can't hunt seal, the Inuk dies," Annie rests a hand on Jimmy's shoulder.