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sequence of a eukaryotic gene's DNA that is not translated into a protein

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To find the variations in OGT between European and Chinese pig breeds, attempts were made to amplify across several relatively short introns, including intron 20 of OGT, based on the porcine OGT cDNA sequence (GenBank accession no.
However, the analyzed sequences are those reported in IMGT, which have been generated as the Immunogenetics community identifies new sequences primarily in the exons and only incidentally in the introns.
Co-author Jose Luis Gomez-Skarmeta, PhD, a geneticist at the Andalusian Center of Developmental Biology in Sevilla, Spain, said that instead they found that the promoter for IRX3, a gene several hundred thousand base pairs away, did interact with these introns, as well as a large number of other elements across the vast genetic distance we studied.
In addition to skipping and inclusion of variable exons and usage of alternative splice sites,3 intron retention is a third example of alternative splicing, whereby an intron sequence is retained or skipped in the mature mRNA transcript.
The GT sequence at the 5' end of virtually all introns constitutes a recognition site for the spliceosome.
Mutation detection technique is labor intensive, expensive and sophisticated, so alternative, reliable and feasible technique is linkage analysis by using STR in the introns of dystrophin gene.
Intron gain and loss in organisms are highly discussed (24) and appears that recombination causes the widely observed but poorly understood phenomenon of internal intron loss and that DNA repeat expansion can create new introns (25).
This whole process should start with computational approach, first in characterization of genes in a particular species of importance and looking at homologous DNA sequences that are conserved across different taxa, followed by comparison of length of genes and introns and exons (in nucleotides), number of introns and exons, distribution of CpG islands, etc.
We report here on the development of a set of nuclear DNA markers based on introns in the Manila and the grooved carpet-shell clams.
The presence of transposable, self-splicing group II introns in the genomes of the invading bacterium posed problems for the host organism, since its genome was soon colonized and overrun by transposons whose excision was rather slow.
Tarrytown, NY) has patented methods of creating mutations in genomic exons by inserting introns into the genomic exons via homologous recombination.
In addition to the complete coding sequence, about 5 kb of promoter and 5' flanking sequence [18-20] and up to 300 bp on each end of all seven introns (P.
The basis for this experiment was that introns are an indicator of evolution.