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arising or occurring within a species


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tinctoria mass than intraspecific competition. By growing before warm-season grasses are active, C.
The use of inadequate densities in crop sowing may promote intraspecific competition, affecting the maintenance of plant structures.
where the positive parameters b and c are the intrinsic growth rate and the intraspecific competition coefficient.
Soybean grain yield in the 2013/14 growing season varied quadratically with the increment in seeding rate, and the point of maximum technical efficiency occurred at approximately 340 thousand plants [ha.sup.-1], below this density, there was probably lower utilization of environmental resources--water, light and nutrients -, because of the lower amount of plants, although at very high densities plant yield was limited by the intraspecific competition, causing the reduction of yield per individual to be more expressive than the increase in the number of plants per area.
This unusually low population density on SRI provided the opportunity to document home-range size, home-range overlap, and habitat selection when intraspecific competition for resources was presumably minimal.
These indices presumably reflect the negative feedback in nutrition from increased intraspecific competition for food resources at increasing moose density and indicate if competition is reduced as density declines.
In filter-feeders such as mussels, which usually form crowded and multilayered matrices (beds), the intraspecific competition is one of the consequences of this lifestyle (Okamura, 1986), and their intensity increases with the increased packing (Guinez and Castilla, 1999; Guinez et al., 2005); shell thickness is also expected to be affected by density and layering (Guinez, 1996).
[a.sub.11] > 0 and [a.sub.12] > 0 represent the intraspecific competition rate of prey population and predation coefficient of predator population, respectively.
On the other hand, the addition of either species counteracted such density-dependent reduction in growth and, thus, the co-existence reduced intraspecific competition. The presence of C.
Regarding additive series of this experiment, increasing weeds density increased the total number of plants in the certain area causing decrease in available space and increasing the inter as well as intraspecific competition for limited resources.
During feeding, group size might be limited by intraspecific competition, during which individuals would aggregate in larger groups only when the net individual intake would be higher than when feeding in smaller groups.
Effects of allelopathic intraspecific competition on growth of privet, Ligustrum sinense.
The Lotka-Volterra competition model (Lotka, 1925) is concerned with pairs of species only and predicts two species will continue to exist together over time (coexist) if intraspecific competition is greater than interspecific competition, that is if both species limit their own population growth more than they limit each others.