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arising or occurring within a species


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2002), which may reflect in yield reduction in a situation of high intraspecific competition.
At low population densities, however, animals should be able to express their resource preferences due to lower intraspecific competition (Krohn, 1992).
Key words: Alaska, density-dependent, forage, intraspecific competition, moose, nutritional condition.
purpuratus is a dominant competitor, a community-structuring species, and a bioengineer that forms extensive banks in the rocky intertidal zone (Guinez and Castilla, 1999; Prado and Castilla, 2006) with multi-stratified matrices of individuals where intense intraspecific competition occurs (Guinez and Castilla, 1999; Guinez et al.
Dynamics of two Montana grasshopper populations: relationships among weather, food abundance and intraspecific competition.
Regarding additive series of this experiment, increasing weeds density increased the total number of plants in the certain area causing decrease in available space and increasing the inter as well as intraspecific competition for limited resources.
During feeding, group size might be limited by intraspecific competition, during which individuals would aggregate in larger groups only when the net individual intake would be higher than when feeding in smaller groups.
The Lotka-Volterra competition model (Lotka, 1925) is concerned with pairs of species only and predicts two species will continue to exist together over time (coexist) if intraspecific competition is greater than interspecific competition, that is if both species limit their own population growth more than they limit each others.
Density-dependent mechanisms operate through intraspecific competition, via per capita availability of food, and the subsequent influence of nutrition on reproduction and recruitment of young into the population (McCullough 1979, Kie et al.
Previous studies also suggest that high elongate hemlock scale densities may increase scale mortality due to intraspecific competition (Mc Clure 1979, 1980, 1981).
2005), and even fewer, have considered the analysis of these factors together with intraspecific competition and in field conditions (Mira and Bernays 2002).