domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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In the psychological literature, the characterization of hypermasculinity has been related to sexual and intimate partner violence.
Studies (15-17) dealing with elder violence tend to analyze the elderly as victims of abuse in most cases by caregivers or relatives, and intimate partner violence is still a scarce approach in the literature.
Intimate partner violence, relationship power inequity, and incidence of HIV infection in young women in South Africa: A cohort study.
Implementing intimate partner violence care in a rural sub-district of South Africa: A qualitative evaluation.
In addition, the prevalence of children's exposure to physical intimate partner violence and the prevalence of physical violence by the father of the male partner against the mother were significantly higher in the depression group than in the control group (Table 2).
Without intervention, intimate partner violence characteristically escalates in an upward trajectory toward homicide.
Faculty at an associate degree nursing program developed and implemented elder abuse and intimate partner violence simulation scenarios for a Health Systems Concepts course.
Intimate partner violence is domestic violence by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner.
Intimate partner violence (IPV), a pattern of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse directed toward a woman by a partner, affects 1 in 4 Canadian women in their lifetime and threatens women's physical and emotional safety.
However, international concern about the issue of intimate partner violence still continues to grow.
Masculinity, Intimate Partner Violence and Son Preference in India
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a multifaceted public health issue that has gained much attention in the past month, especially as the National Football League addresses charges of violence against some of its players.