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a person who conducts an interview

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In terms of cognitive processes, the interviewers own experiences frame how well they understand an applicant's characteristics, experiences and skills and how much value they give them.
But it appeared that state broadcasting assigned an interviewer Rohani did not want and the president insisted on having a different interviewer.
Although interviewers ask the questions and initially guide the conversation, interviewers are trained to follow the child's pace in the conversation.
Much like gamblers bet on red after the wheel stops at black four times in a row, an interviewer bets on "bad" after she interviews four "goods" in a row; the difference in this case is that the interviewer controls the wheel.
There's been a huge furore about job interviewers asking candidates for facebook passwords but in my book, they're well within their rights.
The interviewer will ask for your client's doctor's information and the approximate dates for ailments and procedures.
Despite the importance of the role HR professionals can take to ensure interviewers are trained, there is a lack of research on how HR professionals view interviewer training.
If you take forever the interviewer may feel that you're rambling on because you're concealing something.
The interviewer may play on that very fact to get you to accept a lower salary that they would pay someone with a 'branded' degree, but what you have to do is know how to make yourself stand out.
(21.) Adopting the perspective of conversation analysis, Heritage (2002: 1432) argues that interviewers employ negative interrogatives, like in this example, in order to build 'yes' answers.
For ensuring merit, the interviewers should focus on argumentative questions rather than irrelevant questions.
Understanding what the role requires is the first step in making the interviewer know you are interested enough to read the job description.
There were 10 interviewers across the table, which was very intimidating.
SWS also warned that some interviewers might pose as SWS members.