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  • verb

Synonyms for intervene



  • interrupt
  • involve yourself
  • put your oar in
  • interpose yourself
  • put your two cents in

Synonyms for intervene

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

be placed or located between other things or extend between spaces and events

Related Words

occur between other event or between certain points of time

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The abrasion resistance was different on the different parts of the shell, and the left of the shell possessed the highest abrasion resistance; the abrasion resistance of the shell was the lowest on the edge of the right, and intervenient on the middle of the right.
Those incidental charms which first attached My heart to rural objects day by day Grew weaker, and I hasten to tell How nature, intervenient till this time And secondary, now at length was sought For her own sake.
Is that which is intervenient necessarily also incidental?
The final lines mention two possible varieties of intervenient sound: heavy rain falling, or lake ice loudly cracking, though it is the latter possibility that the sentence develops:
meanwhile / sometimes / oft [secondary and intervenient manifestation of nature].
The challenge is to manage the delivery of intervenient services - designed to disrupt clients' habits of failure - in a way that escapes the traps of habitualness.
Concerning the number of actors involved in the intervenient action, a basic distinction is made between the unilateral and multilateral forms of military intervention.
The last section of the report focuses on the purpose, design, and function of operation of the national programmes for diabetic prevention and control, and on identifying the areas of basic, epidermological, intervenient, and health services research.
Again that Law of loving a Mans Neighbour, is a Law of Nature given by God indistinctly to Men under any condition, whether of comunity or seperate interest: This our Saviour excellently instanceth in the Parable of the Jew that fell among Theeves, that (c) was releived by the Samaritane, not only as an Act of Beneficence but of Duty goe thou and do likewise [Luke 10:37] tho there was no intervenient Law, nor so much as any common Commerce between the /fol.
A firm acquires a competitive advantage when holding a crucial stake in this chain of activities (such as the exploitation of sports media rights or the distribution of content) where value is created through a sequential line of stages in which suppliers add value and pass their output to the next intervenient in the chain until the product or service finally reaches the end-user.
Might the mother's absence (assuming the intervenient nurse) connote her death?