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Synonyms for interrogative

Synonyms for interrogative

a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply

some linguists consider interrogative sentences to constitute a mood

relating to verbs in the so-called interrogative mood

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relating to the use of or having the nature of an interrogation

References in classic literature ?
That is as it may be," he replied, answering her glance with an interrogative look which made the poor woman blush.
Spatial Interrogatives in Europe and Beyond: Where, Whither, Whence
Dans ce sillage, il faut souligner encore les tournures interrogatives introduites par les animateurs qui projettent la presence, en amont, des problemes qui seront soumis a l'interpretation subjective de l'opposant pour aboutir, en aval,a donner une lecture aux evenements en cours.
Interrogatives either move or remain in situ depending on another parameter, the wh-parameter, and if a constituent moves, the movement is raising it to a higher position in the clause structure, the Spec-CP position in the case of interrogatives.
14: interrogatives tergiversation (contradictory, evasive or equivocal answers)
The grammar covers the language and its speakers, phonology, parts of speech, nouns, case, adnominal and derivational morphology, demonstratives, interrogatives, directionals, possessives, pronouns, inflecting verbs and coverbs, the syntax of simple sentences, and complex sentences.
Also, feel free to email us your own questions as those interrogatives are the reason why we came up with blog.
Dillon (1982) further distinguishes between potential questions (indicated by general curiosity and attention caught by something), implicit questions (in which interrogatives are not clearly perceived or expressed), and evident questions (which engage and state problematic aspects of the issue at stake).
Extending the transformational paradigm to wh-interrogatives where a wh-expression like what is involved, the interrogative clause was analysed as a derivative of two distinct transformational operations: Tense dislocation and wh-movement (Chomsky 1977).
The propositions expressed in the form of interrogation above are more closely related to declaratives than to interrogatives.
Third person imperative marking is also found in interrogative sentences with 1st or 2nd person addressees, but most of the attested examples are indirect (embedded) interrogatives; cf.
Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, demonstratives, numerals, classifiers, adpositions, auxiliaries, adverbs, conjunctions, interrogatives, particles, and interjections are distinguished.
In determining the intonation patterns of interrogatives, the researcher must have a pool of all the question types that she wants to study.
I heard declarative statements and a few interrogatives, some almost philosophical in nature.