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a segment of a stem between two nodes

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Dry matter mobilized in droughted conditions was significantly correlated with peduncle, penultimate, and the lower internodes maximum weight (r = 0.
This is an example of the often-observed self-similarity of plants and results from the repetitive production of branches by the apices, followed by the gradual elongation of the internodes.
The arrangement of the cells, arranged axially at the internodes and radially in the nodes, the layout of the vessels, the sclerenchyma fibers 1.
Hoelzer also reexamines empirical evidence I presented on coalescence times observed in avian species, which on average were shorter than internodes between speciation events in a woodpecker phylogeny.
This treatment increased stem [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 4 OMITTED] mass/length, branch/trunk internodes, allocation to root mass, leaf specific mass and thickness, and stomatal density.
Getting water to flow through a bamboo pipe also requires some work, since you have to punch out with a length of rebar the solid internodes that block the otherwise-hollow bamboo shafts before you join the two pieces.
Compared to normal trees, it has short internodes that shorten even more as temperatures warm in the spring.
Lawton has examined tissue slices of "good" and "bad" reeds, and of internodes taken from various heights on the stalk.
BuddeComm also outlines newer developments including Internodes entry into the mobile broadband market, a commercial Content Delivery Network for the distribution of media content, and a commercial relationship with TiVo.
14% in flexural strength for II-IV internodes under 90,000/ha density.
Does white matter plasticity solely reflect changes of myelin thickness, or are there also activity-dependent alterations of Ranvier node Na+ channel density, internode length, or axon diameter at the nodes or internodes?
2012) affirmed that the growth stimulation by means of elongation, which is easily verified in the internodes, is the principal response that occurs to prevent the restricting effects of a reduction of the light incidence.
Shoot length, number of roots, number of leaves, and number of internodes were evaluated after 45 days of growth.
The variables that contribute most to the first component (and their eigen values) are length of hairs on articulated rachis internodes (-0.
One of the shoots is the main axis of the plant and the others are axillary shoots (innovations = basal branches) generated in the basal zone of short internodes.