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a war between factions in the same country

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Healing the Wounds has come out at a time when Sri Lanka is seriously grappling with the problem of nation building after 30 years of internecine war between the Sri Lankan government forces and guerilla forces of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
I attended a number of meetings where Labour internecine war raged openly.
If so, outside powers will fuel bloody internecine war in which Afghanistan and Pakistan would again be the biggest losers.
Now they are dealing with a second wave of internecine war that has devastated parts of the country that the opposition considers "liberated" from Assad's forces.
Abu Khaled, a native of Syria's Aleppo who had spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan, was sent to Syria to try to end the internecine war, rebels say.
The Sunnis won.These days, the two sects are increasingly at odds in a religious-ideological conflict, principally involving Iran and Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia, a dispute that is intensifying alarmingly, not just in Syria, but in Iraq, Lebanon and Pakistan.There's long been confusion about whether Tehran's intelligence chiefs maintained links with al-Qaeda to manipulate it into carrying out operations that ultimately benefit the Islamic republic.One appears to be letting al-Qaeda smuggle fighters to Syria, where the two main jihadist groups -- the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the al-Nusra Front -- are waging a ferocious internecine war that benefits the Iranian-backed Assad regime while weakening al-Qaeda.Syria's opposition National Coalition accused ISIL Feb.
The minister said that Bahrain, led, by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, extended a lifeline to stranded Syrians who have been displace by the internecine war as part of efforts to alleviate their suffering.
Produced in the 30-year era of Hosni Mubarak, those songs portray a bright future for Sinai, which Egypt regained after an internecine war and ensuing tough peace negotiations with Israel .
Most of Herrin's citizens were actors or at least stage hands in the scenes defining the way the town was known around the world, a sordid history, largely beginning and ending during the period between the first and second world wars: massacre by bullet, hanging, and knife by union miners of 19 "scabs"; the advent of Prohibition gangsterism and internecine war; an attempt to "cleanse" the town by enlisting the Ku Klux Klan; the Klan's harassment of Catholics and its battle with gangsters, resulting in a decisive gang victory in a corner of Herrin triangulated by the Masonic Temple, Southern Baptist Church, and hospital.
Thus the NCP artificially got its numbers up in the Maharashtra Assembly and it was only the hopeless prospect of an internecine war on his hands in the choice of a chief minister that compelled Pawar to concede the chief minister's office to the Congress.
In case another 1989 Geneva Accord like agreement takes place without the involvement of Taliban, Afghanistan will once again get caught up in internecine war as was the case after the withdrawal of Soviet troops.
With the President of Iran calling for the total destruction of Israel, it seems only a matter of time before prophecies of internecine war, once taken seriously, could become selffulfilling.
As for the internecine war over the proceeds of the family will, Mrs.
Not uncommonly, practicing physicians have called physician executives to task in what has become an internecine war among physicians.
Back then, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) - an Iraqi Kurdish movement which now dominates the government in northern Iraq - and the PKK were rivals in an internecine war, and the KDP entered into an alliance of convenience with the Turkish military.