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Synonyms for internationalist

an advocate of internationalism

a member of a socialist or communist international

influenced by or advocating internationalism

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She contends that, on the one hand, US women internationalists were genuinely concerned about promoting cooperation among American countries and acted out of their belief in "a connection between global peace and the status of women.
But not all Americans are internationalists who believe freedom is universal; some are realists who believe freedom is unique.
Furthermore, the Internationalist Awards is the only platform which shows how companies market their products based on their geographic footprint.
Liberal internationalists and President Woodrow Wilson, who identified with that group, saw the war as an opportunity to reform world politics.
The debate between realists and liberal internationalists leaves no explanation for Ronald Reagan's eclectic foreign policy choices and the extraordinary outcomes he achieved.
entry into NAFTA began during the Reagan administration (1981-1989) when determined internationalist George W.
He has often said that "we are all internationalists," and his firm belief in the increasing interconnectedness of the world has led him to state time and again that British ties to the United States are vital to its economic prosperity and global security.
liberal-conservative internationalists both to legitimize and hide the development of a spatial strategy for making the United States the globally hegemonic power and to construct a worldwide system of economic relations that reinforce its hegemony.
Social gospelers such as Harry Emerson Fosdick, George Buttrick, Kirby Page, and Georgia Harkness were internationalists, not isolationists; they supported international cooperation and the League of Nations.
Also making up the 60-strong field at Renfrew are former amateur champion Gordon Sherry of Cardross and East Renfrewshire's British Assistants' champion David Orr as well as Scottish amateur internationalists Jamie McLeary and Scott Jamieson.
Opposition Beyond the Water's Edge: Liberal Internationalists, Pacifists and Containment, 1945-1953.
The author's qualifier is that internationalists with a democratic base are far stronger in terms of domestic political legitimacy than those with an authoritarian base.
Internationalists are the first force and the one most obvious to foreigners.
For common folk, Waffle Trainers and Internationalists lavished store racks with furious color combinations such as orange and tan, orange and green, and blue and yellow.