International Date Line

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an imaginary line on the surface of the earth following (approximately) the 180th meridian

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Celebrating 70 years of excellence, 3rd Fleet leads Navy forces in the eastern Pacific from the west coast of North America to the International Date Line, providing realistic and relevant training necessary for an effective global Navy.
"It goes through the international date line to the Cook Islands.
The wildlife, the topography, the glaciers, the vastness and the fact that Alaska is both the farthest west and farthest east state (some of it being beyond the International Date Line) makes this expanse truly a wonder to behold.
What is the purpose of the international date line?
The eclipse moves eastward through the day across the Pacific (and the International Date Line), until ending at sunset on the 9th local date over open ocean.
Xie likened it to an echo effect, saying that El Nino serves to pull clouds and convection eastward toward the International Date Line, which means those clouds are not available over the western Pacific to keep ocean surface temperatures cool.
Auckland - on New Zealand's North Island - had been the very first big city to see in the year, given it is the city closest to the International Date Line.
"It is therefore fitting that we end the year in style, with this fantastic spectacle on the streets of Mountain Ash." Earlier, fireworks and celebrations had taken place in cities and countries all over the world, starting in Auckland on New Zealand's North Island - the largest city closest to the International Date Line.
The 30th "disappeared" when the Pacific nation of 193,000 people switched from one side of the international date line (IDL) to the other.
31, by declaring they now lie west of the International Date Line.
Friday, December 30, 2011, was erased from calendars in Samoa and Tokelau as they crossed westward over the international date line.
The Pacific island has changed time zones so that it is the other side of the international date line and they missed a whole day, jumping from December 29 straight to December 31.
The International Date Line is an imaginary line that divides the Pacific Ocean, demarcating when one day ends on the globe and another day begins.
One assumes the world would already have ended across the International Date Line. Samoa must already be regretting its recent decision to hop back the other side of it.
This major milestone refresh brings new features, improved performance and the latest technology to the entire Map Suite family, including native TAB file support, the all-new map legend feature, enhanced projection metadata support, International Date Line wrapping, OpenLayers 2.10 and much more.
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