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the organic process in which the substance of some differentiated structure that has been produced by the body undergoes lysis and assimilation

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Basavana et al (1) found that the thermoplasticized gutta-percha injection techniques by using Obtura II provided the best result for filling of simulated internal resorption lesions compared to system B, Thermafil, and lateral compaction techniques.
Nonsurgical therapy for the perforative defect of internal resorption. J Am Dent Assoc 1973; 87(4):863-8.
The histologic findings indicated the simultaneous occurrence of CM and internal resorption. Large areas of degeneration and enlargement were found within the pulp, with scalloping of dentine walls and loss of odontoblasts.
Dental trauma, endodontic, healing, intra-alveo- lar root fracture, internal resorption.
Flared canals resulting from damage caused by caries, trauma, congenital disorder, internal resorption, or iatrogenic or other idiopathic causes can thus be adequately reinforced by using the technique described.
Previous authors have stated that pulpotomy cannot be regarded as successful if it presents internal resorption or any other pathological consequence of the treatment, even if the permanent successor erupts into its proper location and presents no enamel defect [Peng et al., 2006; Moretti et al., 2008].
Radiographic sequelae N % External resorption 34 18.3 Periapical lesion 23 12.4 Root fracture 9 4.8 Alveolar fracture 4 2.2 Internal resorption 4 2.2 Pulp calcification 3 1.6 Absence of radiographic evidence 109 58.6 Total 186 100
Attention should be given to potential confusions for the misperception of ESR with transient apical internal resorption caused by trauma, as cited by Lindskog et al.
Exclusion Criteria: Teeth with previous endodontic treatment, calcification, metal restoration, non-restorable crowns, periapical radiolucency reaching to the permanent tooth bud, teeth related to cysts, pathologic resorption of more than one-third of the root, incomplete root formation and obvious internal resorption or teeth with difficulty to determine the root canal position.
Twelve months later, radiographs suggested resolution of periapical radiolucency as well as stagnation of internal resorption and positive response to thermal and electric pulp tests (34).
Therefore, the radiological appearance of external resorption of a crown has to be distinguished from pre-eruptive radiolucent lesions such as caries, internal resorption and hypoplasia [Wood and Crozier, 1985; Rankow et al., 1986; Brooks, 1988].
Key Words: Obturation, Internal resorption, Obtura, Thermafil, lateral condensation.
A dark radiolucency was observed around the gutta percha root filling of 11 that indicated internal resorption had commenced (Figure 4a-b).
The radiological criteria for exclusion included external resorption internal resorption periapical and inter radicular radiolucency pulp calcifications and pathological root resorption.
Necrotic tissue may be replaced with granulation tissue [Berger, 1965] but internal resorption [Rolling et al., 1976]; poorly calcified dentinal bridges and few residual odontoblasts have been reported [Agamy et al., 2004].
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