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decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior

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In the past, finding artwork to coordinate with the interior decor was a time consuming and error prone process.
Farida Khanbahadur, Founder of Ozel Homes said: The idea is to create an interior decor experience and also trying to bring a combination of different brands under one roof to make our customers shopping experience easy and comfortable.
It extends the group's presence in the area of luxury and premium home and lifestyle products focusing on tabletop, giftware and interior decor.
Now, the star wife has agreed to feature in an interior decor commercial alongside SRK.
Last month the mid-town bar, which adopted a new "American theme" with an interior decor depicting a Fifth Avenue skyline, boosted trade with another unique offer - 'drinks-on-the-house' for every third round
This season, the home decor retailer Lifestyle introduces life-like animal statuette collections to enhance its interior decor range.
Well before Ikea opened its first UK store in Warrington, this was British interior decor a la mode.
Cast aluminum often is used for patio furniture, but 50 years ago, Eames designer Irwin Miller used the material's aesthetics to create furniture that could weather the outdoors yet be stylish enough to fit in with a home's interior decor.
It will take approximately two weeks and will offer drinking, dining and dancing as well as a dramatic change in the interior decor and the creation of more jobs.
WEST KIRKBY: Interior decor student Jen Stewart, from West Kirby, scooped a rare City & Guilds Medal for Excellence award in recognition of her exceptional work.
A smoked black glass wall marks the interior decor, while a screen in the front window will display some of the hottest properties in Brooklyn.
Ou said the doughnut shop just finished a remodel in February, and while she does not feel the outside colors match her subdued interior decor, she cannot afford to move her business elsewhere.
Our entrance hall at home is currently sporting a harvest festival interior decor theme.
Gone are the days when interior decor and the lunch selection were the most important factors in choosing an event site.
In the long run--especially when, as occasionally here, the works are framed in natural birch--the results of all Zox's deliberation end up looking like '70s interior decor.
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