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decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior

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After the acquisitions of Iittala Group in 2007, Royal Copenhagen in 2013 and now WWRD, Fiskars will be a leading global branded consumer goods company in the area of home and lifestyle products focusing on tabletop, giftware, and interior decor.
In the long run--especially when, as occasionally here, the works are framed in natural birch--the results of all Zox's deliberation end up looking like '70s interior decor.
Classic architectural detailing and sumptuous interior decor consistently applied throughout the facility make residents feel at home, and they are more at ease as they progress or regress through different levels of care within the same familiar environment.
The plan emerged in response to the proliferation of home designs incorporating flat-screen TVs as part of their interior decor, the business daily said.
An exhibition by London-based artist Tod Hanson served to provide a complete interior decor makeover for the space.
Sarwar said: "This will provide my C&C customers with a fascia, interior decor and PoS, but still allow them to purchase at cash and carry prices across a full licensed and grocery range.
White walls, milk crates and an Ikea catalogue might be a winning combination in the play-it-safe school of interior decor, but Sheila Bridges hopes to challenge the design-by-the-numbers school of thought in her first book, Furnishing Forward: A Practical Guide to Furnishing for a Lifetime.
The facility is 25,000 square feet with dramatic interior decor throughout its office and conference room areas for its 55 staff and management members.
There seems to be a trend away from focusing only on interior decor and how it looks to the outside world, and a move toward making our homes feel safe and sacred, places where we can celebrate spirituality.
For this project the client set aside interior decor typical of many other airline lounges in favour of a considered and specific architectural response.
The site now includes a fresh new look and format, as well as a unique interactive interior decor selection feature that allows consumers and dealers to view fabric, decor and wood options with a click of the mouse.
The design will be akin to a minimalist boutique hotel, with in the interior decor in taupe, cream and white, like its sister ships.
We have over 250 lots of items up for bids, including antique signs, prints and engravings, furniture, interior decor pieces, copiers, networking equipment and printers.
The complimentary workshop was hosted by the DPG interior design team and featured recommendations and solutions on interior decor.
Charter Homes, one of the largest builders in Central Pennsylvania, announced "Charter's Interior Home Design Giveaway," a contest that will award a new Charter Homes homeowner $50,000 worth of interior decor from Wolf Furniture, and an opportunity to work with the store's design team to choose furniture and accessories to create a personalized interior design for the new home.
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