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the United States federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resources

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2, Judge Feldman ruled that the Interior Department disregarded his earlier injunction against the administration's drilling moratorium.
Perhaps as a result of standard bureaucratic inertia, the Interior Department did its best to ignore Berman's idea for years.
The Bush Interior Department surprised many by listing the polar bear as threatened last year.
The Interior Department indicated it was looking for a solution that allowed for greater visibility into where wireless devices were deployed and how much was being spent.
Local BIA offices almost always approve applications," says Interior Department spokesman Michael Gauldin.
A couple of weeks after the event, Interior Department staff were describing it as a resounding success, but scientists who collected data on the river this summer are providing mixed reviews.
The protesters -- a coalition that included the Wilderness Society, the Utah-based Four Corners School of Outdoor Education and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance -- filed an appeal to the Interior Department designed to revoke ECO-Challenge's BLM permit, but it was rejected just weeks before the race began.
Under present Interior Department policy, any water rights needed for BLM Wilderness areas will be acquired under state law, not by using the federal reserved water rights doctrine.
The interior department has decided to cancel these passports and their numbers would be given to the deployed FIA immigration authorities on all the airports.
Interior department Balochistan said that Afghan Police detained these 3-Pakistanis Najeeb Ullah, Lal Murjan and Nur Zameen under terrorism allegations and later they were shifted to Kabul Jail, where the Afghan security forces inflicted every brutality of torture owing to which the detainee Pakistanis lost their mental-level.
In the final days of the Bush administration, the Interior Department rammed through a rule change that allows visitors to national parks and wildlife refuges to carry concealed, loaded firearms.
Ruling in favor of the five environmental organizations that filed a lawsuit against the Interior Department in 2003, Judge James Robertson said the federal Fish and Wildlife Service failed to provide a good-enough reason for excluding the San Fernando Valley spineflower, once believed extinct, from being listed for full protection under the Endangered Species Act.
The second option -- the one that we chose -- is to expose the attacks on the environment as soon as they are reported to us by diligent Interior Department employees who understand that their solemn mission is to protect America's national parks and lands.
On July 14, 1995, the day the decision memo was released by the BIA, Eckstein was at the Interior Department, urging officials to delay a decision on the Hudson track.
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