interference fringe

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one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light


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An interference fringe is formed at the photoelectric detector, and it must be composed of several lights that have different light intensities.
The parameters of resulting closed interferogram are normalized [30]; this is the background a(x, y) and the amplitude b(x, y); in effect, (1) is modified in order to find the interference fringe pattern normalized intensity
(2007) Quantum interference fringes beating the diffraction limit.
In the plane P interference fringes are obtained whose visibility is related to the coherence of the source.
which means that the zero order interference fringe on (x-z) plane has elliptical polarization.
Several related methods are available that divide a beam of light into two beams, insert a variable delay in one of them, and recombine the beams to create a series of interference fringes.
The see-through display device is also characterized in that the hologram includes a first interference fringe recorded by two-beam interference using object light and reference light inputted to the first surface, the image light inputted to the first surface is deflected toward the interface by the first interference fringe, and the interface reflects the image light toward the first surface.
Using circularly polarized light, the interferometer's slider is employed to line up with the interference fringe, without any sample or stage orientation being required.
where n ([v.sub.m]) is the index of refraction at the fringe maximum, t is the physical thickness of the etalon sample, and m is the order of the interference fringe. Thus a measurement of the fringe spectrum at high resolution can be combined with a high accuracy measurement of the physical thickness of the sample to yield high accuracy values of the refractive index of the sample over a range of wavelengths.
The software is for Virtuagram[R], the company's high definition hologram with 360[degrees] views of the virtual object which is created by calculating the interference fringe data from 3D computer-generated data, with the interference patterns generated via an electron beam lithography system (see HN Vol 21, No 2).
The deformation, visualised through the interference fringes, of a large milling machine is an example of Abramson's industrial holographic measurements, shown below.
The rear-surface reflected light from the transparent first reflector is combined with front-surface reflected light from the second reflector to form interference fringes.
Testing was a simple matter of placing his convex surface inside the concave reference surface and looking for interference fringes under monochromatic light.
After applying the proposed method, the interference fringes of holograms were purified and enhanced.
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