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several arteries and supplying the intercostal spaces of the rib cage

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From its origin, it follows a descending and oblique path toward the anterior at the level of the medial axillary line, extending to the sixth intercostal space where anastomose with the intercostal arteries of the sixth intercostal space, generating an intermediate longitudinal vascular axis for this vessel in the same manner as observed in the right side.
Anuradha et al evaluated the results of BAE in 58 patients with post-TB sequelae and documented the following post-procedure complications: chest pain in 20 (34.5%), dysphagia in 3 (5%), transient dissection of bronchial and intercostal arteries in 2 (3.4%) patients.
These adult patients with CoA have developed significant collateralization through intercostal arteries and are at increased surgical risk secondary to bleeding complications.
This is a case of hemothorax due to ruptured mycotic aneurysms of the intercostal arteries in a 40-year-old male with MRSA IE.
Caption: Figure 8: Chest X-ray demonstrating multiple coil embolization done for pseudoaneurysm of left inferior phrenic artery and multiple intercostal arteries. Note the presence of percutaneous placed catheter for drainage of peripancreatic necrosis.
(10) Secondary signs of collateral intercostal arteries such as rib notching, increased subpleural interstitial lung markings, and serrated pleural thickening may also be identified, as seen in our case.
Results: Three hundred and forty-four consecutive patients underwent bronchial arteriography, 336 of 344 patients (97.7%) performed BAE; there were 1530 coils for 920 arteries embolized; the main responsible sources for bleeding were right bronchial artery (29.7%), left bronchial artery (21.6%), combined right and left bronchial trunk (18.4%), right intercostal arteries (13.3%); 61 patients (17.7%) had recurrent hemoptysis within 1 month after undergoing BAE, 74 patients (21.5%) had recurrent hemoptysis over 1 month after undergoing BAE; The common complications of BAE included subintimal dissection, arterial perforation by a guide wire, fever, chest pain, dyspnea, etc.
The previously noted paravertebral soft tissue densities represent dilated intercostal arteries. There are collaterals seen in the upper posterior mediastinum in the paraspinal region, and one of the collateral vessels is posterior to the esophagus.
The authors defined the VVE as arising from major branches such as intercostal arteries, and the VVI as originating from the main lumen of the aorta.
However, surgical repair of complex CoA can be hazardous in regard to hemostatic control of large intercostal arteries; furthermore, post-repair paraplegia risk is greater than in simple CoA (9).
Intercostal arteries between the 9th and 10th ribs were cut and ligated, without any impairment of flap viability, this was in accordance with the method used elsewhere (Grerory et al., 1988; Bianchi et al., 1983; Wallace and Roden, 1995).
There was also significant supply seen from a branch of the left hepatic artery, as well as intercostal arteries and the left internal mammary artery.
At the level of umbilicus, it gives several muscular branches and anastomoses with the superior epigastric branch of the internal mammary and lower intercostal arteries. It also anastomoses with the iliac circumflex iliac, lumbar and superficial epigastric arteries.