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a loan from one bank to another

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An increase in this price is a clear incentive to provide more interbank loans because a higher interbank interest rate makes these transactions more profitable.
These findings are associated with the concentration of interbank loans over the period.
More generally, the hypothesis that the algorithm's output captures overnight interbank loans would need to be formally tested in order to be validated.
The interest rate on interbank loans in foreign currency in December 2014 was 0.
The central bank may also include CNY500bn of interbank loans to non-deposit taking financial institutions in the calculation.
At end-September 2013, market funding was split between 90% securities, 6% interbank loans, 4% hybrid bonds.
The proposal, which has been submitted to Parliament and Council, is part of the EU's response to the Libor scandal of 2012, where the fixing of interest rates used for interbank loans was manipulated to give a false impression of financial health.
From the beginning of January to the end of March, interbank loans declined by 0.
In addition, about 25% of VTB 24's assets are interbank loans, provided, on our estimates, to the corporate bank (VTB) and other group banks.
Interbank loans outstanding in October 2011 were only one-quarter of their level in October 2008 (see figure).
The funding for the equipment, which was supplied by SMS Meer and Locher Industrieofen-UndApparatebau GmbH of Germany, was provided with the co-operation of Landesbank Berlin AG through interbank loans.
The growing signs of stress in the European financial system can be seen most clearly in the "TED spread" - the difference between the interest-rates on interbank loans and short-term government bills, and a widely followed measure of the perceived risk attached to lending to banks.
HSBC, the biggest supplier of credit to other banks, also cut its exposures the most sharply with a 40% overall decline in interbank loans to the region.
To date such branches can only transact RMB-based businesses as remittance, deposits/lending, cash exchange, and interbank loans, but will be allowed to, under the new rule, handle securities underwriting, derivative financial products, asset management, investment etc.