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The party said in a press statement the composers of the video as well as its producers were "keen on creating inter-ethnic animosity between Kambas and their Kikuyu neighbours".
Robo said Wau state has been experiencing series of inter-ethnic conflicts, stressing that the three-day conference, will enable participants come up with a clear road map to solve their problems.
This event followed a conference organized by the same partners in Kyiv in October 2016, which focused on the institutional framework for inter-ethnic and national minority issues in Ukraine.
From 10 to 14 June 2010, southern Kyrgyzstan was plunged into inter-ethnic violence, which claimed more than 400 lives, temporarily displaced tens of thousands of people and destroyed thousands of households.
The provision of the Law on the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan regulates the order of its formation, structure and executive bodies, goals of its activity, main tasks, authorities and specifics of organization of cooperation with state agencies and non-governmental organizations, mechanisms of participation and development of the state policy in the sphere of inter-ethnic relations.
Selangor, Malaysia, Sept 5, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - A study on the emotional and behavioural adjustments of children from inter-ethnic and mono-ethnic families in Malaysia challenges traditional assumptions about inter-ethnic families.
41% fear that inter-ethnic tensions might flare into violence, while 26% consider that inter-ethnic relations in Bulgaria are good.
The aim of this study is to synthesize all existing empirical evidence on the effects of Cooperative Learning on inter-ethnic relations in school settings.
discrimination and violence, to encourage inter-ethnic reconciliation, and to
GENEVA, June 16 -- Violence in Kyrgyzstan appears to have begun with five coordinated attacks and has taken on an inter-ethnic character that could spiral out of control, the UN human rights office warned on Tuesday.
The political and security stability of Macedonia depends on many factors and often on their association and conditioning, but it seems that there is a unanimous assessment that the good inter-ethnic relations are among the most important security factors.
On another note, Bahrain is an excellent inter-ethnic community which reflects 'unity in diversity'.
Zoran Petrov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, and acting UN Resident Coordinator Sheldon Yett signed on 29 June a new joint UN Program titled "Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration", with a $4-million budget provided by the Government of the Kingdom of Spain.
Kenya is in danger of "falling over the edge" because of escalating inter-ethnic violence, Foreign Office minister Lord Malloch-Brown warned yesterday.
About 110,000 people died in the inter-ethnic war between 1992 and 1995.
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