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a loan from one bank to another

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2 billion while Woodlake Commodity Solutions' net loan portfolio, including inter-bank loans, stood at $249.
This is a pretty bold statement, especially given the fact that now, despite the recent scandals and trials with a number of British banks, it is this rate is the only reference to provide for inter-bank loans and corporate borrowers.
Pettit's team trade a lot in the TED Spread - the difference between the interest rates on inter-bank loans and short-term government debt.
In 2009, banks placed much of their funds in Bank Indonesia Certificate (SBI), which is considered safer and in inter-bank loans rather than disbursement to the real or productive sectors.
The Treasury has already committed pounds 250billion to guarantee inter-bank loans following the Northern Rock crisis.
The finding of the study is that the credit level has remained the same, even slightly increased since the financial crisis onset, both for the consumer and corporate loans and for the inter-bank loans or the ones attracted by corporate bonds.
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