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a loan from one bank to another

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A new form of securities, Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCDs), which allows banks to convert surplus deposits that they would otherwise deposit at the NBC for a negligible interest rate into securities that they can readily sell or use as collateral for inter-bank loans has been launched by the National Bank of Cambodia ( NBC).
Short-term inter-bank loans and deposits of up to 100,000 [euro] are also excluded, which corresponds to double the assets of the median household in Europe's biggest economy.
Secular critics in Istanbul say PM Erdo?an had financed a "consumer bubble" with a huge trade deficit financed by short-term inter-bank loans. The consumer boom has ended.
The bank is using the system as the core application to support a wide range of activities, including Payments (and links to the local clearing system), Foreign Exchange, Treasury / Inter-bank loans and deposits, Securities Lending & Repurchase Agreements, Letters of Credit, Management of Debt, Investment Funds, E-Banking, Accounting, Management and distribution of stocks of notes and coins etc.
Total investments were recorded at $230.2 billion while Woodlake Commodity Solutions' net loan portfolio, including inter-bank loans, stood at $249.9 billion.
This is a pretty bold statement, especially given the fact that now, despite the recent scandals and trials with a number of British banks, it is this rate is the only reference to provide for inter-bank loans and corporate borrowers.
Pettit's team trade a lot in the TED Spread - the difference between the interest rates on inter-bank loans and short-term government debt.
In 2009, banks placed much of their funds in Bank Indonesia Certificate (SBI), which is considered safer and in inter-bank loans rather than disbursement to the real or productive sectors.
The finding of the study is that the credit level has remained the same, even slightly increased since the financial crisis onset, both for the consumer and corporate loans and for the inter-bank loans or the ones attracted by corporate bonds.
In a race with the slowdown, they catch up their breath and slash key interest rates on inter-bank loans to improve lending to the private sector, support household consumption and increase spending.
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