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Synonyms for intention

Synonyms for intention

Synonyms for intention

an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

(usually plural) the goal with respect to a marriage proposal

an act of intending

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While well intentioned, there are drawbacks to this approach.
Although well intentioned, this proposal will consume valuable corporate resources without meaningfully enhancing corporate accountability.
If educators "have someone knocking on their door who is well intentioned but doesn't help them meet their immediate needs, it's going to be hard for that party to get the attention they want," he explains.
However, Noel contends that the government's approach "leaves aside many key aspects of the law against poverty and social exclusion, particularly in the areas of collective action and citizen empowerment," and while he says for now it is probably "good to praise" the unexpected government plan because in many ways it is "well intentioned and valuable," much more needs to be done, and public interest organizations must remain vigilant.
There are plenty of well intentioned heads of government, and any number of enlightened statutes.
shop tries to be too nice and courteous in their request for service; these good intentioned "extra" words sometimes cloud the issue, leaving the Asian vendor to wonder what was really asked of them.
public companies are honest and well intentioned, but our enforcement systems must be adequate enough to dissuade and hold "bad actors" accountable.
The central arguments, however well intentioned, were astonishingly misguided: