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Synonyms for intellectual

Synonyms for intellectual

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

a person of great mental ability

Synonyms for intellectual

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Even though they opened doors for other women of their class, the endeavors of these elite women intellectuals did not substantially alter the masculinist narrations of the nation nor the reading of their own work as feminine.
So the first film in this project stands for me like the beginning of a book, the preface; it's an introduction of the story and the fate of these "new" seven intellectuals.
That's been especially true for the last half century because a shadow has hung over political intellectuals in the English-speaking world, and in some respects throughout the West.
For Hitchens' insights into the duties of public intellectuals, turn to a forum on the subject that ran in the February 12 edition of The Nation.
The premise unifying his kaleidoscopic explorations is that Paris's febrile cultural activity was driven by the city's power to attract both foreign and provincial intellectuals, which created a "cultural space where the struggle for surv ival .
Pluralism and multiculturalism, he charges, are the "opium of disillusioned intellectuals.
In Achieving Our Country: Leftist Thought in Twentieth-Century America, he tells the story of the disintegration of "the old alliance between the intellectuals and the unions" as "Leftists in the academy have permitted cultural politics to supplant real politics" (14).
We, the young intellectuals of that time, were compelled to ask ourselves if we were capable of playing a role within this movement and contributing to its goals, regardless of our particular personal ideological inclinations and/or commitments, be they Arab nationalist, Ba'thist, Nasserite, Marxist, progressive, neutral technocratic, or positive neutralist.
There is really no reason, however, to reach for similes that ironically compare post-industrial intellectuals to preindustrial hunters and gatherers or horticulturalists.
If we are to believe a series of articles in popular American magazines,(1) a whole generation of African-American intellectuals is making the transition from experts on race matters to the more broadly defined role of the public, national intellectual, and in the process redefining "what it means to be an intellectual in the United States" (Berube 73).
In the past half century, one of the most striking phenomena in American intellectual life has been the influence of European emigre intellectuals who fled Hitler (or in some cases Stalin) in the 1930s and 1940s.
On the one hand, a strong belief in a unique American pluralist democratic system prevailed over totalitarianism--both among ordinary people and among political intellectuals (Fowler, 1978; May, 1989).
Like the inquisitive Swiss kids fingering Baldwin's hair to see whether it was "real' or frizzed by some secret source of electrical energy, these critics have sought to probe the mystique of the "new" black intellectuals.
The university is not the only way of providing for the care and feeding of intellectuals.
Rosenthal predicted that Makiya "will now be the target for Arab and pro-Arab intellectuals.
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