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intangible property that is the result of creativity (such as patents or trademarks or copyrights)

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At micro level, each firm may be forced to specialize its investments in the narrow field left free by the intellectual monopoly of other firms (being, in turn, innovative investments an important determinant of a firm's productivity (Crepon et al., 1998)).
Historically, intellectual monopoly in pharmaceuticals has varied enormously over time and space.
This is as macroscopic a contradiction of the intellectual monopoly apologists' argument for patents in general, and for medical patents in particular, as one can possibly imagine."
Similarly, today's school system is an intellectual monopoly in which federal and state education officials, local school boards and the teachers' unions all think they're doing the right thing, yet the evidence is overwhelming that they aren't.
Today, organizations in dozens of countries, and international organizations as well, issue governance guidelines and codes of best practice, suggesting that we Americans hold no intellectual monopoly in this field.
* The majority of developing countries will need to provide some form of intellectual monopoly right on food and medicinal biodiversity for the first time.
Since the first debate lies outside my professional competence (although one would not want to concede philosophers the intellectual monopoly recently preposterously arrogated by Baroness Warnock) what follows will concern itself with the more general issues raised by these other controversies surrounding Peter Singer.
It is in the same vein as their highly acclaimed Against Intellectual Monopoly book.
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