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written contract or certificate of insurance

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Thus, the insurance policy can, in fact, be tapped as an alternative source of funds.
In such an unfortunate situation, the aACAyTrip ProtectoraACAO Insurance policy by HDFC ERGO will cover the cancellation of pre-booked flights and hotels for domestic as well as international travel.
The tasks completed by the NFIS-TCI include formulation of English-Urdu glossary, defining 200 words for use in insurance policy documents and promotional activities, reduction in NADRA verification cost for micro-insurance policies and the rationalization of enhanced due diligence requirement for the insurance products distributed through digital platforms.
Small businesses can now purchase a commercial car insurance policy separately, or at a reduced price when bundled together with liability insurance.
Digital carrier startup Next Insurance is debuting its first commercial auto insurance policy.
But occasions have also cropped-up when arbitrators too would not agree on the Definitions/Interpretations of the Phrases/Wordings of the relative Insurance Policy.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 16, 2018-Kilauea eruption many not be covered under your travel insurance policy
The cost of NADRA verification became a special concern in case of microinsurance since it is significant in proportion to the value of micro insurance policy and the premium and is eventually recovered from the end consumer, i.e.
"Our online car insurance comparison platform requires users to provide personal details, as well as indicate whether they've made a claim on a previous insurance policy, before they are served a selection of quotes to choose from.
I started with RCA because there's already an online acquisition tradition of this type of insurance policy. We'll add in the portfolio also travel and houses insurances in the next period.'
Even when a client purchases a "permanent" type of life insurance policy (such as a whole life policy), situations can arise in which the investment may simply no longer make sense.
Maharashtra, May 9 -- HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company, India's third-largest non-life Insurance Company, adds another innovative product to its Health Insurance portfolio "Group Critical Illness Insurance" - an insurance policy that covers the entire family or employees under one umbrella of protection.
Other times, a consumer sees a term life insurance policy as one way to satisfy an immediate coverage need.
In addition to his annual giving and his Charitable Gift Annuity, he recently named DAV as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Butler credits this very generous decision to one simple lesson he learned in the service: "The Special Forces Groups are taught to give back."
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