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a chemical substance that repels insects

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About Cutter Brand Cutter insect repellents have been helping families have fun together outdoors for more than 50 years.
Avon's Skin So Soft is famed for being such a great insect repellent that Marines at Faslane Naval Base in Scotland are said to have slapped it on to keep midges away.
Saltidin insect repellents are currently available throughout the world in various forms, including sprays, wipes and sticks, and come in concentrations ranging from 5 25 percent.
A new graphic that will be available to appear on insect repellent product labels has been unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.
Today, we're all the prouder that IR3535 is one of the two insect repellent active substances, which out of the top three most effective substances have made it to the positive list.
Christina Hantsch, MD, toxicologist at Loyola added that common insect repellent products contain up to 30% DEET for maximum protection, and products with DEET provide longer duration protection as the concentration of DEET increases.
Previously, when they took their young grandson on holiday, they had to use traditional chemical insect repellents such as deet-based products.
Their mothers, all living in the south east of England, were asked a series of questions, including whether they had been exposed to insect repellents and biocide chemicals such as pesticides or weedkillers.
Natural insect repellents are usually based on the essential oils of either citronella or specific varieties of eucalyptus.
So, you think you've found some insect repellents that work better than DEET, NSN 6840-01-284-3982.
This text for medical professionals, public health officials, and the public treats insect repellents for individual use rather than community vector control, given concerns about such insect-borne diseases as West Nile virus.
Due to a dislike of chemicalbased insect repellents, they experimented in the hope of finding something more natural that actually worked.
For centuries, humans have slathered on insect repellents to deter the buzzing menace--the first recorded repellents were documented by Herodotus around 400 B.
This highly portable specialized travel guide includes invaluable tips suggestions how to carry additional medication in case of loss, avoiding and treating diarrhea, malaria prevention, wound and skin care, insect repellents, pain management, motion sickness, even a favorite cold remedy.