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Nowadays, there are three algorithms that are widely used in identification of inrush current: second harmonic discriminance, dead angle discriminance, and waveform symmetry discriminance.
The resulting value of the number of operating IM or SM may be used for automated accounting of each motor run, determine the parameters of the equivalent IM or SM which are used for the calculation of static or dynamic stability of electricity supply systems in the industry, evaluating the effectiveness of the group of identical motors, periodic component of inrush current, determine the residual voltages on the tires of the power source at self, etc.
Some earlier versions of these premium electronic ballasts had another unfortunate characteristic, which was an extremely high initial inrush current that occurs each time the ballast is energized.
It is known that the shape and amplitude of the magnetizing inrush current of a power transformer are dependent on several factors which cannot be predicted in advance.
Besides being very short duration, the role of the inrush current is primarily to magnetize the motor windings, so it does not draw much real power.
Using the drive to soft start the motor controls the starting current and reduces the inrush current.
[C.sub.rel]--is the reliability index of relay protection; [C.sub.i.c.r.]--is the inrush current ratio; [C.sub.d.r.]--is the drop-out ratio of relay protection; [I.sub..r.c.]--is the rated current of electric network.
It also has an ultra-low inrush current draw to prevent power circuit overload that occurs when multiple amplifiers are switched on simultaneously.
SurgeX ICE (Inrush Current Elimination) technology with zero cross turn-on removes the need for time delay circuit breakers or startup sequencing.
A demagnetisation feature is also provided which allows the transformer core to be demagnetised on the completion of testing, thereby eliminating the risk of an abnormally high inrush current when the transformer is returned to service.
Inrush current is a well-known transient current that may occur when an unloaded or lightly loaded transformer is energized.
A digital soft start feature is included to reduce the inrush current. Short Current Sensing on the Bottom MOSFET with hiccup ensures protection in case of output short circuit.
This is referred to as "inrush current." If the utility circuit is not dedicated, or the generator or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) powering these pieces of equipment is not properly oversized, equipment reliability and test results could be affected throughout the lab.