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city in southwestern Austria

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In 20 minutes it's possible to be on top of one of the mountains that bookend Innsbruck for a panoramic view.
Top sees for a fee A skier's paradise, there are nine ski resorts just a stone's throw away from Innsbruck.
The airline will operate a four-times-a-week service from Heathrow to Innsbruck during winter and twice-per-week during the summer season, with return fares starting from GBP88 in Euro Traveller and GBP338 in Club Europe.
Highlight of Innsbruck for visitors is the city's Altstadt Old Town.
When the two sides met earlier in the season Innsbruck came out on top.
Includes trips to Salzburg and Munich with Innsbruck optional and based on departure on November 24.
com) flies to Innsbruck from Liverpool and Monarch Airlines offers regular flights from Manchester.
The pilot, who belonged to Red Bull's Flying Bulls aviation team, tried to land his microjet in a field but crashed on a slope near Innsbruck.
On my first day in Innsbruck I was taken on a tour of the city's cultural highlights by a tiny 75-year-old woman, who pointed up to the mountain, Nordkette (where I saw the poster), and said: "In the winter I ski from my house to the city for work.
The full festival schedule runs from 12th July to 28th August 2011 and people staying at Innsbruck hotels on 26th August can also see an opera that was performed in Innsbruck for the very first time 246 years ago.
Tunnelling works for the future Brenner Base Tunnel, which will connect Innsbruck (Austria) and Fortezza (Italy), were given the official green light from Italian and Austrian officials, on 18 April.
University of Innsbruck sports scientists say research has shown ski helmets reduce head injuries by 35% in adults and 59% in children under 13.
The findings of the study, conducted by University of Innsbruck scientists, have appeared in the online edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
CYSTADLEUAETH eira-fyrddio Billabong Air & Style, a gynhaliwyd yn ddiweddar yn Innsbruck, Awstria, sydd dan sylw mewn rhifyn arbennig o gyfres chwaraeon eithafol S4C, Chwa
An escaped hamster on board forced an Austrian Airlines aircraft make an unscheduled landing in Innsbruck, Austria on Friday (29 September).