Innocents' Day

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December 28, commemorating Herod's slaughter of the children of Bethlehem

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De Lima said the celebration of Holy Innocents' Day should serve as the chance for people to pray for justice for youngEJKvictims and the healing of their families.
Originally the boy bishop's term of office lasted from St Nicholas Day (Dec 6) until Holy Innocents' Day (Dec 28).
As I was reading John Nery's 'Why we must criticize Duterte' (Opinion, 12/27/16), I noticed two prominent words in his column-'redemption' and 'innocents,' pointing out, respectively, the Christian belief in the possibility of redemption, and Christianity's remembrance of Holy Innocents' Day on Dec.
Today being Holy Innocents' Day, I thought it fitting to share the key points of a talk I gave at the "Child Without Borders" conference organized by the Child Protection Unit last Dec.