Innocent XI

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Italian pope from 1676 to 1689 whose papacy was marked by the struggle with Louis XIV of France over papal authority over French Catholics

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One such drawing of Pope Innocent XI has him looking every bit a giant insect while sitting up in bed wearing his conical papal headdress, a skinny arm resting on his drawn up knees.
"In 1686, Pope Innocent XI granted to the Franciscans the right to erect stations within their churches.'' We still have some questions that need answers.
In 1677 Pope Innocent XI banned the Embrace at the Golden Gate altogether.
It was described as a gift from Pope Innocent XI to Jan Sobieski HI, made to mark the Polish king's victory against the Turks in Vienna in 1683, and housed in the Capuchins' church in Cracow.
German Ambassador to the Holy See Baron Ernst von Weizsacker wrote to his superiors in Berlin, "The pope's dream is a union of the old civilized countries of the West with the insulation of Bolshevism toward the East in the same way that Pope Innocent XI unified the continent against the Moslems." (2)
Seventeen-year-old Angelica is blessed with the voice of a Renee Fleming, but she, unfortunately, lives in Rome in the late 1600s, and Pope Innocent XI decrees that women will not sing in public.
The virtuosic Eisteddfod-winner Buddug Verona James plays all the characters in the aria-studded drama, Castradivia, weaving a tale of the juiciest moments from the aftermath of Pope Innocent XI's edict against performing women around the life of a castrato and his circle.